Locating a Telecommuting Opportunity... As easy as shooting a watermelon out your nose!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

I can say that getting a solid telecommuting opportunity is not an easy task. They're out there, but locating them can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Even with allrepparttar e-books, reports, and telecommuting packages you've probably purchased, it just doesn't happen overnight.

--- What can I do? ---

The best way to break into a telecommuting situation is to locate an office job that can be performed anywhere. This will help you develop a reputation as a self-motivated, reliable, professional worker. Information-based jobs with a minimum amount of required face-time are good prospects. Also, look for jobs that are physically portable---that is, whateverrepparttar 102086 telecommuter needs to dorepparttar 102087 job can be accessed over a phone line.

A few ofrepparttar 102088 job categories best suited for telecommuting include: Advertising & Marketing, Architectural and Computer Aided Design, Artists and Writers, Billing and Collections, Credit and Collections, Customer Service, Clerical and Secretarial, Data Entry and Transcription, Engineering, Photography, Programmers and Database Administrators, Sales, Telemarketers, Translators, and Web Designers and Developers.

--- How do I smell? ---

Whether you're face-to-face or overrepparttar 102089 Internet, your cover letter and resume are essential. In fact, they're your only tools when locating and applying for jobs onrepparttar 102090 Internet!

The cover letter can make or breakrepparttar 102091 possibility of getting a job. It givesrepparttar 102092 employer an idea of what you can do for them and what you're looking for in an opportunity. Remember, what you want and what they offer have to match or you're out. Your objective is to find a job you want to do, not something you feel that you have to do.

Once they get pastrepparttar 102093 cover letter, they will usually readrepparttar 102094 resume. Employers want to hire people who can dorepparttar 102095 job. Make sure that your resume is complete and reflects your abilities to handlerepparttar 102096 position. To enhancerepparttar 102097 presentation, tailorrepparttar 102098 resume torepparttar 102099 opportunity to show an employer what you know and what you can do. After all, you're going to get a job---it's just a question of which one.

--- Locating Opportunities ---

Locating a job is easy. Just go to one ofrepparttar 102100 thousands of sites that are out onrepparttar 102101 Web and start looking. It should only take you about three or four years to search them all. I'm sure you have that much time!

The best way I've found to search for a job is to follow these steps:

- Make a task list that outlines your daily job-search activities.

- Find several well-known job sites and post your resume. Searchrepparttar 102102 lists of jobs and preparerepparttar 102103 site's job agents to help you locate various jobs.

- Keep track of all employers you contact,repparttar 102104 date of your contacts, people you talk/e-mail with, and special notes aboutrepparttar 102105 contacts.

- Apply to multiple companies on a given job site to save time.

- Always have a resume and cover letter ready to upload whenever a lead comes your way.

- Follow-up leads immediately. If you find out about a job late inrepparttar 102106 day, contact them right away.

- Tell everyone you know that you are looking for job. Stay in touch with friends and contacts. Follow-up new leads immediately.

* Search Sites

Keep in mind that many job sites replicate data from other sites. Some sites even postrepparttar 102107 contents ofrepparttar 102108 USENET job groups on their sites as potential job opportunities. This leads torepparttar 102109 point that out of 1,000 jobs that you search onrepparttar 102110 Web, more than half are duplicates copied from one or more other sites. The easiest way to search for a telecommuting opportunity is to stick to a few ofrepparttar 102111 primary search resources. The primary sites that I've found beneficial are shown inrepparttar 102112 following list:

- work --- http://www.ework.com/ - eLance --- http://www.elance.com/ - FreetimeJobs --- http://www.freetimejobs.com - Workaholics4Hire --- http://www.workaholics4hire.com - Guru.com --- http://www.guru.com - IC Planet --- http://www.icplanet.com - Jobvertise --- http://www.jobvertise.com - Headhunter --- http://www.headhunter.net - Monster --- http://www.monster.com - Net-Temps --- http://www.net-temps.com - Brassring --- http://www.brassring.com - JobOptions --- http://www.joboptions.com


Written by Greg Slavens

Years ago, I attended a seminar about goal-setting that I've never forgotten. The leader ofrepparttar workshop presentedrepparttar 102085 participants with tried-and-true steps to reaching every one of our goals. Atrepparttar 102086 time, I thought "It can't be this easy ... can it?"

Well,repparttar 102087 simple steps I learned then are still working for me today, and I'd like to share them with you. Whether your goal is to lose ten pounds, or to retire ten years early, these basic principles can be applied to almost any life situation or challenge.

The first thing to do is to definerepparttar 102088 goal -- in specific, measurable terms - and write it down. This helps you to clarify what your goal really is, and gives it some life.

So, for example, instead of just saying, "I'd like to retire early,' your goal should be stated as "I'd like to retire no later thanrepparttar 102089 year 2004." Whenrepparttar 102090 leader of that workshop talked about this step, she said, "Having it written down allows you to stay focused, and to keep your eye onrepparttar 102091 prize."

The next thing to do with a goal is to 'make molehills out of mountains.' In other words, breakrepparttar 102092 goal down into more manageable segments - either by time frame, or some other measurable unit. For example, if your goal is to lose twenty pounds, you would 'make molehills out of mountains' by declaring that you will lose four pounds per month.

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