Local Services for International Audiences: The Russian Post

Written by Sanjib Ahmad

The Internet makes it possible to provide many wide and varied services which otherwise would not be possible. I came accross an interesting Internet based service last week "The Russian Post" which provides postal message delivery to all regions in Russia.

Russia is a large country and occupies one-sixth ofrepparttar world's land surface. Internet and computers serve only a few percent of Russia's population, so snail mail is still a form of communication that cannot be discarded.

Usually a letter from America reachesrepparttar 144303 center of Russia - Krasnoyarsk - in 14 to 18 days. From Krasnoyarsk, it usually takes 21 - 28 days to reachrepparttar 144304 United States. Viarepparttar 144305 Russian Post, delivery can shortened to less than 1 week.

Using "The Russian Post" you type in a message via their web based forms to your intended recipient. "The Russian Post" instantly recieves your message viarepparttar 144306 Internet in Russia. They print out your letter, telegram or postcard and deliversrepparttar 144307 message via snail mail anywere in Russia. Russian Post also provides language translation services.

How the "Firefox: How to..." Manual helped me

Written by Garret Belisle

Hello everyone,

Today's post is "completely" off topic :-)...however....seeing as I do that every now and then to keep things interesting, here it is:

A few months back I really got sick of my computer always being slow and having system errors. So I started doing a bit of research and heard of a new browser called "Firefox".

After a few months of going through it I started to see a huge difference in my computers performance and as a result in my own productivity online and off. This was a direct result of usingrepparttar Firefox browser. So I then started to learnrepparttar 144237 features that came with it and I realized that this browser had A LOT more features than I had ever seen or used on any other browser. As I started to mention this to my co-workers and friends and family they all got interested inrepparttar 144238 browser and decided to install it on their own systems.

Thats whenrepparttar 144239 questions started.

It didn't matter where I went, I ran into someone who had a question or questions on "How do I do this?" or "How do I do that?" Realizing that I was never going to get any work done I sat down with my programmer and we decided to hitrepparttar 144240 challenge head on and "Firefox: How to..." was born.

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