Living With Power

Written by Alan Tutt

Living With Power by Alan Tutt

I have had some of my students ask me, "What is life like when you achieve mastery with Power?", and I must answer that Life Is Wonderful!! Knowing that anything that I want out of Life is a possibility, that all I have to do is tap intorepparttar source of Power and direct it to createrepparttar 122392 situations I want, and then let it go to do it's work, is an awesome feeling.

If I want to create a successful business, all I have to do is decide what I want to do in that business, what that business will do for it's customers, and then tap and use Power to create it. If I want to improve a relationship, or create a new one, all I have to do is decide what I really want and then tap and use Power to createrepparttar 122393 ideal relationship.

I have indeed done these things, and a lot more. The relationship I have right now was a direct creation. I imagined every aspect ofrepparttar 122394 concept of relationship, envisioned each aspect to be exactly what I wanted them to be, made a few choices between various options, and then tapped intorepparttar 122395 source of Power. Once tapped into Power, I directed it to create this ideal relationship, giving itrepparttar 122396 details of what I wanted, when I wanted it, and how I expected to find it. Then I let it go. I repeated this process several times over a period of about a month, then I releasedrepparttar 122397 whole process. (I spent a month on this simply because I was very picky about what I wanted.)

Overrepparttar 122398 next several months, I busied myself with many other tasks that had to be performed. This was at a time when I had finally discoveredrepparttar 122399 true secrets of Power, and was trying to recover from previous negative fallout from some very bad experiments. When I was creating my ideal relationship, I was about as low as a person could get. I had no job, no place to live, no friends (at least none that I could count on), and no money (not even $5!). The tasks I had to do were to find a place to stay (used Power to create that in about a day), find a job (another one day task), and start planningrepparttar 122400 business I wanted to create (photography, desktop publishing, or writing, I couldn't decide which).

It took about nine months before I metrepparttar 122401 person I had envisioned as my lifetime partner. During that time, I had cleaned up a lot ofrepparttar 122402 mess thatrepparttar 122403 bad Power experiments had created. I had moved from job to job about 3 or 4 times until I had a fairly good job which gave me what I needed. And while I was not rich, I was definitely moving inrepparttar 122404 right direction (I still hadn't decided what kind of business I wanted to start, I wanted to do them all). I had also tapped into Power to reinforcerepparttar 122405 goal ofrepparttar 122406 relationship. I probably did this about once or twice a month.

When I met Linda, I knew that she wasrepparttar 122407 one. It wasn't anything in particular, just a feeling, as if I saw her spirit and recognized it. Atrepparttar 122408 time, she did not feel that she was ready for a relationship, since she was still hurt from a previous divorce. I then knew that that wasrepparttar 122409 reason I had to wait as long as I did. Timing will not always be exactly what you want it to be. It took patience, persistence, and a careful display of charm to eventually win her over. But win her over I did. During this process, I didn't worry that it might not work out, I knew it would. I had Power on my side, and when you have Power working for you, you get what you want.

We are still together, almost 6 years later, and our relationship gets better every year. Its amazing how closely our relationship resemblesrepparttar 122410 vision I had when I created it. I had envisioned attending theater together, something I had never experienced before. Linda is an avid theater person, having performed in many shows inrepparttar 122411 local area. I love music, and Linda is a musician (keyboards/piano) with many musician friends. I am starting to learn how to play guitar, but with very little time to devote to it, it is a slow process. I had envisioned long, intellectual discussions, something else I had always wanted, but could never find. Linda and I are able to get into hour long conversations about many wonderful topics. I love computers, so does she. There are just so many things that mirror exactly what I had envisioned.

Soon after I moved in with Linda (she owns a fairly large house), I had finally decided to pursue a photography business. I already had a decent camera, although not 100% professional. I put together a darkroom to control my costs andrepparttar 122412 quality ofrepparttar 122413 prints I sold. I spent months and months deciding on a business name, a logo, and a business card layout. My indecision, and many negative beliefs about money maderepparttar 122414 process much more difficult than creatingrepparttar 122415 relationship with Linda. And I also have to admit that many times I forgot that I could tap into Power and makerepparttar 122416 process easier, and so I did not take advantage of it. But eventually, I was able to derive my full income from photography.

And each year,repparttar 122417 photography business gets better and better. I think that it practically doubles each year in terms of volume and profitability. Especially after I realized that I could direct Power to make it grow. At this point, I don't advertiserepparttar 122418 business at all, yet I continue to get more and more business.

Would you like to be God?

Written by Alan Tutt

A common fantasy is to haverepparttar Powers and Knowledge of God, yet retain one's individuality. To be capable of knowing everything and doing anything. What possibilities!

Yet there are many who feel that this is extremely egotistical and megalomaniacal. How dare you think that you could be God! That's not your place. Why should you have special abilities thatrepparttar 122391 rest of us do not!

And then there are those who's response is: "I wouldn't wantrepparttar 122392 responsibilities." To be God means to have to take care of everything in existence, to make sure that things run smoothly and come outrepparttar 122393 right way.

Where do you fit into this debate? Does any of these positions hold more weight thanrepparttar 122394 others? Is it possible that more than one of these positions could co-exist with each other?

There is an interesting theory that I came up with many years ago which seems to explain a lot of things. I was trying to findrepparttar 122395 Power behind various religions and systems of magick. Christians believed that Jehovah was God and that He answered prayers according to His Plan. The Biblical Christ seemed to teach that anyone with Faith could get anything that was asked for as long asrepparttar 122396 person Believed. (Notice that Christ did not say you had to believe in Him or in God, simply that you had to believe that you would get what you asked for. If you care to readrepparttar 122397 New Testament, and actually readrepparttar 122398 words onrepparttar 122399 page, you will see that critical distinction.) The Magick-workers felt thatrepparttar 122400 Power was as natural as electricity and just as available to anyone who cared to learn it's secrets. Wiccans and other Pagans believed that there are many Gods, and that each will answer prayers or not according to their moods and purposes.

In all ofrepparttar 122401 various teachings, there seemed to be only one connecting thread. Faith. Belief. Believe that this thing you're doing will accomplishrepparttar 122402 thing you want, and it will be done for you. Whetherrepparttar 122403 thing you do is prayer to a higher being, or speaking strange words while performing ritualistic rites, or simply repeating to yourself an affirmation ofrepparttar 122404 thing you want as being true. As long as you believe in what you're doing, it will work.

When I finally discovered this commonality, my next question was "What do I believe will work?" I had studied so much, so many different things, and had read success stories in each one. And if it didn't matter what I did, then what could I do that I would believe in? I have since found that it is just as easy to make a decision to have a certain result, andrepparttar 122405 result will come about, without any action being performed. This doesn't happen often, as my mind makes many decisions, and not all of them produce results (Thankfully!)

Overrepparttar 122406 years, I developed a system that worked well for me. I even shared it with several of my close friends andrepparttar 122407 system worked for them as well. The system is simple, with support from logic, and ties to many religious beliefs. This system is more than a collection of techniques to create change, such as a magickal system would be, yet it does not impose a dogma of beliefs such as a religion. This system is built upon a small set of core beliefs upon which a large system of philosophy resides, which in turn supports several techniques for effecting change. This system is calledrepparttar 122408 Keys To Power.

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