Living Authentically in a Masked World

Written by Delores Williams

Humanity seems to berepparttar only species that never seems pleased with its own. People tend to spendrepparttar 137540 majority of their life living up to an illusion that no one has ever been able to attain. It isrepparttar 137541 illusion of perfection. The problem is, that is a course that is marked with failure and pain. Someone came up withrepparttar 137542 concept that people should be wafting throughrepparttar 137543 fields picking lilies and singing songs ofrepparttar 137544 angels. If you stay on this course you will never measure up. You were not meant to.

There are too many people walking around under condemnation by this illusion. They feel they have failed atrepparttar 137545 game of life. It is not true. You have not failed. You cannot fail at something that is unattainable. Instead, you should be pleased that you got as far as you did. There are many that check out of this life because they refuse to fail at anything. Lets talk about how you can live authentically withrepparttar 137546 life you have.

One, you must makerepparttar 137547 decision to live inrepparttar 137548 moment. We have too many who are living inrepparttar 137549 past, with its mistakes, or inrepparttar 137550 future, with its uncertainties. In order for you to be authentic, you are going to have to takerepparttar 137551 proverbial bull byrepparttar 137552 horn and live inrepparttar 137553 here and now. We all know that we cannot changerepparttar 137554 past, yet many of us have set up camp there in hopes that we can make sense of it. Then there isrepparttar 137555 other group that is off to a time that hasnít happened yet. Neither group is useful. Life is happening now.

So, how do you live now? Start by taking offrepparttar 137556 mask. Admit that life hasnít been what you expected and then forgive yourself and God. Yourself, for chasing an illusion, and God, for blaming Him when it didnít happen as you expected.

Second, Be honest with yourself. Honesty is a lost commodity inrepparttar 137557 era we live in. People love to lie. The only problem is that you take your lies internally and they judge you. You might say, ďI donít lie.Ē Letís take a short quiz.

1. Do you make promises to yourself that you donít keep? (Iím going on a diet.) 2. Do you make promises to others that you donít keep? (Iíll be on time.) 3. Do you tell others what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear out of fear of repercussions? 4. If you asked your closest friend if you were an honest person how would they answer?

We lie without thinking about it because that is what we are conditioned to do. We soften them by calling them little white lies. A lie is a lie. Of course, there arerepparttar 137558 other extremists who lack tact in their honesty. They try to belittle people. Both sides are not good. As you start living authentic you must make honesty your priority. Why? How can you be honest with someone else if you are not honest with yourself? Further, you project it onto other people. By projection, I mean that you putrepparttar 137559 burden on another person to be what you cannot be. You will find fault withrepparttar 137560 person who is just a mirror of yourself. Since you do not haverepparttar 137561 compassion to loverepparttar 137562 shadow of yourself, you will not have compassion onrepparttar 137563 other person. Let me give you an example, I have a friend that is a procrastinator to a fault. It used to aggravate me until I saw I wasrepparttar 137564 same way. When I dealt with that aspect in myself her procrastination no longer bothered me.

Jung says, ďMan turns a blind eye torepparttar 137565 shadow-side of human nature. Blindly he strives againstrepparttar 137566 salutary dogma of original sin, which is yet so prodigiously true. Yes, he even hesitates to admitrepparttar 137567 conflict of which he is so painfully aware.Ē

Third, is what I callrepparttar 137568 peel and reveal method. You have to go down intorepparttar 137569 depth of your soul and findrepparttar 137570 parts of you that you thought were not good enough to exist. This is intense, butrepparttar 137571 only way I know of to let you know thatrepparttar 137572 world is waiting forrepparttar 137573 person you were originally created to be. That person has something to offer humanity, notrepparttar 137574 person that you pretend to be.

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