Live 8 - will it work?

Written by Simon Mitchell

Live Aid was one ofrepparttar most important events in my life. Millions of people came together from all overrepparttar 147246 planet to put an end to poverty in Africa. It was one ofrepparttar 147247 most positive, life affirming actions ever created by people of my generation. It created hope. It opened my heart.

But now, twenty years on we realise it was slightly na´ve, with much ofrepparttar 147248 money donated by genuine and well-meaning people 'disappearing' before it reachedrepparttar 147249 people in need. Live 8 takes a very different track to raise awareness of poverty - but can we rely on governments behindrepparttar 147250 G8 to actually make that much difference?

How can we Make Poverty History whenrepparttar 147251 forces causing economic devastation in our world arerepparttar 147252 same forces that provide our governments with their funding? As long as GDP (GNP in US) is deemed asrepparttar 147253 most valuable measure of our national 'worth' we are tied to money and its unfair systems - these will always cause poverty in places that don't have resources to exploit and even some that do.

There is enough to go round on this earth - enough for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed asrepparttar 147254 saying goes. Doesrepparttar 147255 political will exist to make changes whererepparttar 147256 system is fair for all? It doesn't seem so. The global financial system and our method of deriving wealth by exploiting capital assets (the earth's resources) will never be equitable. Consumer capitalism relies on poverty as a major motivator. In order to 'have' we need 'have-nots'.

But alreadyrepparttar 147257 pressure of Live 8 has caused a shift inrepparttar 147258 agenda of major governments - with both Blair and Bush keen to be doing something more than just wearingrepparttar 147259 band. But how much can they realistically give away to third world debt? It certainly won't be enough to actually solverepparttar 147260 root causes of economic disadvantage experienced in many corners ofrepparttar 147261 world. It certainly won't changerepparttar 147262 system that results in these economic disadvantages.

But this exciting event will be a paradigm shifter for many people who will look atrepparttar 147263 deeper causes of poverty, maybe forrepparttar 147264 first time. People will realise that there are important alternatives to economic globalisation, GDP slavery and 'celebrity' consumer capitalism. Even that many peoples we describe as economically poor may have happy and fulfilled lives.

People will see for themselves how to shift their energy away from earth exploiting activities into more wholesome and fairer ones. This is whererepparttar 147265 real power to changerepparttar 147266 situation lies, not just in donating our ill-gotten gains torepparttar 147267 poor, or even in heckling governments to 'do something about it', but also inrepparttar 147268 choices we make every day as individuals.

Choices about how we earn and spend our money, our time, our energy, our resources. Choices about where we go, how we get there, what we look at, how we cope with change. Choices about how we invest in a sustainable future for our finite planet. At present we are using uprepparttar 147269 resources of this world at an alarming rate, leaving our ancestors-to-come with serious problems. Atrepparttar 147270 moment our investment policies are based on stealingrepparttar 147271 future from our children.

By divesting 'the GDP economy' of our energy and putting it into non-exploitative practises we tacklerepparttar 147272 root causes of poverty. By increasing local self-reliance and enhancing 'community' there is much we can do to secure a future where we work for, rather than in competition with each other. Investing our energy in making self-reliant communities forrepparttar 147273 future may yet turn out to be a better bet than any amount of pension planning.

There are many alternatives to our present economic system. Different systems of shopping - whererepparttar 147274 people who dorepparttar 147275 actual work get rewarded, such as Fair Trade, local farmers' markets, vegetable box schemes and local trade systems.

RSS meet targets Advani

Written by kumar

The RSS is getting feedback from its 140 pracharaks or local leaders from acrossrepparttar country andrepparttar 146975 news is not good for BJP President LK Advani.

Many pracharaks want more pressure to be put on Advani after what they call his "ideological deviations".

However, with BJP National Secretary Sudheendra Kulkarni's resignation yesterday, one ofrepparttar 146976 major RSS demands has already been accepted.

RSS ideology

NDTV has learnt that these 140 pracharaks want to force Advani out ofrepparttar 146977 post of party president.

They sayrepparttar 146978 BJP chief's comments praising Jinnah have made it very difficult for them to projectrepparttar 146979 RSS ideology.

However, those attendingrepparttar 146980 meeting ostensibly to discuss training are not saying much on record.

"Allrepparttar 146981 issues are being discussed inrepparttar 146982 meeting. We will tell yourepparttar 146983 outcome atrepparttar 146984 end ofrepparttar 146985 three-day meet," said Kanshiram Rana, BJP leader.

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