Announces Its Fall Line-Up

Written by Greg Jones

(Toronto) September 7, 2004 -- Studio manager at, Office Gnome has settled on her chat hostesses forrepparttar coming pre-glacial months of early winter.

While Office Gnome has been hard at work dealing with schedules, interviews and trainings, webmistress Jen has been dealing withrepparttar 118631 additional stressrepparttar 118632 end of summer usually brings.

"First, we've been nominated for a Best Adult Award atrepparttar 118633 Qwebec Expo this year," she said. "And we've been busy with promotional stuff. But luckilyrepparttar 118634 people at 2much have been very helpful in that." isrepparttar 118635 company which built

Then there'srepparttar 118636 end of vacations and summer jobs -- which means a resurgence in regular traffic and sales,repparttar 118637 need for more photo shoots and updating content more regularly. "It's true there's a reduction in traffic overrepparttar 118638 summer months. Butrepparttar 118639 main reason for not being so busy withrepparttar 118640 site is another form of business -- conventions, industry gatherings andrepparttar 118641 big schmooze," she added.

All about

Written by Jakob Jelling

Recently Google has created a new affiliation with another website that has people talking. is a website designed specifically for friends. Its designed more like a community than as a website. The whole impetus for is to make conversation with friends and family members upbeat and fun! As you may know Google has been aligning themselves with reputable websites in order to provide a premiere service like no other web crawler can. is out to helprepparttar Internet community make friends with people aroundrepparttar 118630 world. Whomever you decide to speak with is totally up to you. You would just need to setup an account with a profile letting people know about you. Should a person have interest they can post messages to your profile. actsrepparttar 118631 same with Google’s link sharing properties. Both philosophies believe in creation of a network and keeping people tuned into to what each other have to share. It truly is an amazing paradigm.

So Is just another online bulletin board?

The answer surprisingly is “No!” provides many capabilities including online dating, people who sharerepparttar 118632 same hobbies and interests as well as possible business connections. You can also create your own community or special interest arena. The gamut runs deep with, as there are many variations available.

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