Announces First Annual Girl-A-Thong

Written by Greg Jones

(Toronto) May 2, 2005 - Live video chat site has announced a 4-hour free chat event they callrepparttar "Girl-A-Thong".

The event has been created to "thank allrepparttar 136619 users who stood with us throughrepparttar 136620 November 2004 Tech crisis," said webmaster Jen.

Site owner Mark Prince also has commercial motivations. "The Girlathong is going yearly now," he said. It's not just to thankrepparttar 136621 loyal regular customers ofrepparttar 136622 site, but to illustrate for webmasters how incrediblerepparttar 136623 retention is on LiveCamNetwork."

According to Prince, webmasters are still collecting regular checks from surfers referred torepparttar 136624 site 3 years ago.

"The site not only has what I know arerepparttar 136625 best chat hostesses onrepparttar 136626 net," Jen said. "But has developed, thanks to these regular users, a great cozy community feeling."

Last November, LiveCamNetwork and all sites were hit by a concerted logic-bomb attack which logged-off all performers onrepparttar 136627 network, preventing anyone from making money for ten days.

"During that time we set up a completely free chat room for anyone to come in and play, and to keep up a little patter," said Jen. "Which turned out to be an outpouring of support."

Prince also had a BBS/Forum installed, "to maintain lines of communication open between regular users and chat hostesses. People were posting long messages and threads about how cool we are and how they wouldn't go to other sites."

Cashing in on Cyberspace

Written by Val K

When we userepparttar Internet (or rather,repparttar 136489 Web), we click away at these addresses knowing we will be taken to their respective domains. In, we can readrepparttar 136490 news or check emails. In, we can getrepparttar 136491 latest development in science and education. At, we can followrepparttar 136492 latest development inrepparttar 136493 world of British arts and literature. All these, and many more, are examples of websites.

And what is a website? Without groping for definitions, a website is simply a virtual office in cyberspace—a graphical interface where your customers (visitors or guests) can meet “you” without “you” being physically present.

Websites have been known to serve thousands if not millions of people. Like Yahoo. Like MSN. The world has shrunk (thanks torepparttar 136494 Internet) into a small digital community. And in this community we have about four hundred million people (last count 2003) and still growing. And what do you think will berepparttar 136495 figure for this year, or say, ten ears from now? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Now cyberspace is a goldmine. Because every race and creed can be found here. Replete with all our human foibles. And also an opportunity fortrepparttar 136496 capitalist to make money. (Who isn’t?)

Yes,repparttar 136497 Net isrepparttar 136498 new frontier forrepparttar 136499 business people of today. Because they can cash in on a lot of “money making” opportunities which abound (just likerepparttar 136500 graffiti which abounds there as well.) For as you read this, one smart aleck is dreaming up funny things like how to kiss online and how to date “hot” women. Or how to do your homework or even how to write your PhD dissertations. Dissertations? Yes you heard right—dissertations. And firms into this business of academic services, or should I say ghost writing, are not without customers.

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