Little Things

Written by Donald Schnell

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Little Things

By Donald Schnell

What a week this is going to be, right?

Opportunities, ideas, new ways of looking at things...

You create your Spiritual Success today!

Spiritual Success? This isrepparttar 122403 success you achieve from following spiritual principles to happiness that lead to your worldly and spiritual success.

Your success begins with LITTLE THINGS

Almost twenty years ago, I remember wanting some chicken. So I ordered a salad and some broiled chicken. Whenrepparttar 122404 salad came, I addedrepparttar 122405 chicken torepparttar 122406 salad creating my first main course salad. I learned this healthy idea from Marilyn Diamond's bestseller, Fit for Life. A thought occurred to me . . .

Most people don't do that.

The thought of adding "high water content foods" to their meals is ridiculous to most people...

So they buy all kinds of diet books and join a health club, hire a personal trainer but still don't drop any weight.

Before I go any further, this discussion isn't about weight loss or exercise...

.... It’s about doing little things to reach your spiritual success… your enlightenment.

Clients always want to know how they can be more effective. Well, once you're pointed inrepparttar 122407 right direction, it comes down to little tiny decisions that on their own don't seem like they make a bit of difference. Like putting your chicken in your salad and not having any bread or carbohydrates withrepparttar 122408 meal.

Does one main course salad make such a huge difference in your health?

Of course not.

But you've got to keeprepparttar 122409 big picture in mind & keep it BIG!

You knowrepparttar 122410 old metaphor aboutrepparttar 122411 tree that took a thousand swipes withrepparttar 122412 ax to be felled? The big question is which blow knocked downrepparttar 122413 tree,repparttar 122414 1,000th orrepparttar 122415 999 before it? Orrepparttar 122416 many before that? Which weakened it enough?

You can't get where you're going without taking each and every step. It'srepparttar 122417 little things you do each day that make a difference. That's why I call this Enlightenment 101. It's easy. Just takerepparttar 122418 little steps.

ghost worlds

Written by mark rabusseau

Hello, My name is Mark Rabusseau. I am also known as "Markrepparttar Printer." My wife, Mary Lou and I have been hunting ghost for about 2 years now. It all started when we took a tour of haunted houses ofrepparttar 122402 north side of Pittsburgh. It was notrepparttar 122403 kind of houses where someone jumped out to scare you. It was a narrated tour, where you stood in front ofrepparttar 122404 house, a brief history ofrepparttar 122405 house was given, along with what super natural occurrences have been experienced. We never enteredrepparttar 122406 premises. That is until we came torepparttar 122407 last house. The house was owned by Mr. DeSantis which he beautifully restored to its original Victorian Splendor. While everyone was dispersed onrepparttar 122408 first floor, I was drawn torepparttar 122409 stair case. While I was looking uprepparttar 122410 steps, I saw a grayish mist travel acrossrepparttar 122411 top ofrepparttar 122412 steps and through a closed door. I didn't tell my wife because she didn't believe in ghosts and would probably rib me for what I saw. After 2 hours I could not contain myself, and I had to tell her. She said that's funny, because she sawrepparttar 122413 same thing but from a different angle. She said she did not want to tell me because of allrepparttar 122414 years of saying ghost don't exists, she finally saw one. The next day we went back to Mr. DeSantis' house. Without embellishing he ask us exactly what did we see. After telling him, he said that he never told anyone onrepparttar 122415 tour aboutrepparttar 122416 ghost atrepparttar 122417 top ofrepparttar 122418 steps. He said he had never seen it but guest in his home have reported to him thatrepparttar 122419 ghost has been seen leavingrepparttar 122420 closed door and going uprepparttar 122421 stairs.

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