Little Know Method Will Make You More Sales

Written by Edward Thorpe

In business, your number one priority is to make that sale.

Every operation of your business should be supporting you making that sale.

Yes, to be sure, marketing, accounting, product support, service support, customer service, shipping, and whatever process you have in place, are all important.

But without that sale... You flat-out don't have a business.

If you're running a small business, a Home Grown Internet Biz, for example, Making that sale is ABSOLUTE KING.

Though I will focus on your sole proprietorship, Home Grown small business,repparttar basics discussed here are true with bigger operations. In fact, a Home Grown Internet Biz has a huge advantage over all other business models when it comes to change & growth.

The advantage? We Home Grown Internet Biz Owners are able to respond quickly to good advice and new information.

We can immediately send emails to test our new information. All it costs us is our time. With each testing we can fine tune and improve on our conversion rate. Then test again.

We can then implement and test our findings to our websites and into our advertising campaigns. That's a powerful advantage.

How important are your sales to your Home Grown Internet Biz? That's your call, not mine. But, here's one example of how important sales are to my Home Grown Biz...

My monthly ISP cable access is $40.44. If I don't want to run my biz onrepparttar 127466 public library's computer, I have no choice but pay that each month.

Hence, making $40.44 each month is my first order of business.

How do I pay it? I make sales. Or better, I make one sale that pays that entire amount. Then I concentrate on makingrepparttar 127467 next sale to pay forrepparttar 127468 next fixed overhead item, etc.

My Home Grown Internet Biz sells a number of products and services. Many of them are supplied by affiliate programs.

I chose affiliate programs because most ofrepparttar 127469 work, withrepparttar 127470 exception of makingrepparttar 127471 actual sale, is done byrepparttar 127472 affiliate programs I sell. That free's up my time to carry on withrepparttar 127473 most important task of any business...

The BIG Website Traffic Lie!

Written by Grady Smith

You’re being lied to.

Everywhere you turn someone’s pushing down your throatrepparttar belief thatrepparttar 127465 secret to earning big money online is to drive tons of traffic to your site.

But I’m here to tell yourepparttar 127466 truth.

Even thought traffic is huge,repparttar 127467 real “secret” is converting more of your visitors into buyers. You do this by crafting yourselfrepparttar 127468 best grab them byrepparttar 127469 throat sales letter and proposition, and you make it downright impossible forrepparttar 127470 majority to refuse.

Just look atrepparttar 127471 facts, and you berepparttar 127472 judge…

Imagine you’re driving 300 visitors a day to your site, and sell 1 in 100 of your prospects.

Sure, you can begin a massive promotion and drive 900 visitors to your site, making 9 sales a day. Or, you can polish up your sales letter and turn 1 in 3 into buyers and sell 9 without increasing your traffic.

Just think ofrepparttar 127473 money you’ll save, and make, on polishing your sales presentation.

Now that you knowrepparttar 127474 importance, how do you put it to work? There are a couple of options.

First, you can hire someone to dorepparttar 127475 writing. Find a copywriter that shows you samples and writes in a style that you want on your site.

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