Little Guys and Big Guys

Written by Jim Schulte

Inrepparttar world of business there arerepparttar 124232 big guys and there arerepparttar 124233 little guys. The big guys like Home Depot and Lowes arerepparttar 124234 muti-million dollar stores that carry everything and have an inventory greater thanrepparttar 124235 payroll of many small U.S. cities. The amount of "shrinkage" these big guys have every month would probably allow me to live very comfortablerepparttar 124236 rest of my life.

The little neighborhood guy onrepparttar 124237 other hand, is scratching his ass every week just to meet his payroll. They are however, making a decent living. Only because they have been around for so long. That longevity has helped them build a loyal customer base.

Those loyal customers know damn well that they are going to pay a little more for certain items, but they go torepparttar 124238 little guy because it's close to where they live, andrepparttar 124239 service they receive is outstanding.

The little guy carries pretty muchrepparttar 124240 same product asrepparttar 124241 big guy, butrepparttar 124242 price is of course higher. The little guy can't buyrepparttar 124243 quantity thatrepparttar 124244 big guy can. Sorepparttar 124245 price has to be higher because his margin is lower.

The big suppliers, like Toro are now selling torepparttar 124246 big guys becauserepparttar 124247 big guys can buy more and sell them at a lower price, which leads to more sales forrepparttar 124248 Toro's and other big names of that industry. The little guy has to rely onrepparttar 124249 service he gives his customers and notrepparttar 124250 quantity. The big guys don't offer much service or knowledge anymore.

It'srepparttar 124251 same for any one doing business online. The big guy withrepparttar 124252 big mailing list has a greater advantage thenrepparttar 124253 little guy with only 300 or less subscribers. The big guy can set a much higher price for his ads because he can expose your ad to a much larger audience.

The little guy practically gives awayrepparttar 124254 ads in his newsletter because he cannot offerrepparttar 124255 same exposure for your ad thatrepparttar 124256 big guy does. Any person trying to sell their service or product will be more likely to spend $50.00 to have their ad seen by 45,000 readers, than pay $9.00 to be exposed to 300 pairs of eyes.

Why you must write articles!

Written by James Tyler

Why you must write articles!

Copyright 2003 James Tyler

Why? Because...

This allowsrepparttar people who read your article to find you and learn more about your business. When other ezines and websites publish your articles (and they will --- some of them instantly), your resource box will be included which will help you increase traffic, gain subscribers & improve your link popularity forrepparttar 124231 search engines.

1000's are waiting to visit Your Website! This will help them find you!

I want you to write an article. (I have included some help)

I don't care if you don't know "how to write and article" --- you MUST write one today!

I want you to write a simple "How To" article related to working at home, home business, Internet marketing, information publishing, affiliate programs or something along these lines..."

Example: “How to Start an Article Exchange/Trading Center”. Or “ How to be Published online”! Anything of interest.

Why? Because...

.. writing articles is one ofrepparttar 124232 most effective ways to market your website onrepparttar 124233 Internet and increase your subscriber base automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! And, it's FREE.

Remember, 1000's are waiting to visit Your Website! This will help them find you! (YOU DO WANT THEM TO FIND YOU!)

Believe me, no matter how inexperienced you think you are right now, you know more than a lot of people out there ... and if you need to do a little research for your article, just visit……… and type inrepparttar 124234 subject you are looking for. For more help, check out:

Top Seven Tips for Writing Articles onrepparttar 124235 Internet

12 Tips for Writing Articles onrepparttar 124236 Internet

For more choices, visit and search for "article directories". Atrepparttar 124237 time of this writing, there is certainly no shortage of listing as Google pulls up 1,120,000 results.

Don't spend any more than a few hours on this project. Your article should be 500-1000 words preferably formatted to no more than 65 characters per line.

Some help here (see examples, maybe……?)

Article Lists:

Article Sites:

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