Little Fingers Point to a Special Work-At-Home Idea

Written by Georganne Fiumara

Work often takes moms away from their children, but a new career idea actually brings moms and their babies closer while providing a way to earn money at home.

Here'srepparttar idea: There is a way a baby can tell his parents exactly what he wants months before he can talk. No, it's not magic or mindreading: It's baby sign language. Parents all overrepparttar 138580 country are seeingrepparttar 138581 value of teaching their hearing babies to communicate using baby sign language and this has created a need for baby sign language instructors.

A new system is available to help interested moms become baby sign language instructors within days and then market her services to parents in her local community. It is called Kindersigns Career Kit, available at -

The creator, Diane Ryan, is a speech pathologist who teaches baby sign language. She explains, "There is no experience or educational background necessary to teach baby sign language. All you need is a love of babies andrepparttar 138582 desire to teach parents how to better communicate with their baby."

Baby Sign Language Increases Trust and Decreases Frustration

Babies have a lot to say, but it takes many months before they can manipulate their little mouths, jaws and tongues to form words. When a hearing baby learns sign language, he gainsrepparttar 138583 ability to communicate before he can speak. One mom of a signing baby confirms that baby's first sign can be just as exciting as a first word.

Researchers tell us thatrepparttar 138584 early years are prime time for acquiring language skills. It has been proven that baby sign language does not delay speech. In fact, hearing children who learn sign language have been shown to have a larger vocabulary when they do begin to speak and they have scored as much as 12 points higher on IQ tests in later years.

Important Online Home Based Business Tools

Written by BB Lee

Important Online Home Based Business Tools (Part 1) by BB Lee (C)2005

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The Internet is a great resource for no cost or low cost home business tools. This is also excellent news for those with limited budgets or time to search around forrepparttar right home business tools. In most instancesrepparttar 138509 needed item might be a download away.

Gathered here are twelve ofrepparttar 138510 basic tools you will certainly want to consider adding to your Online Home Business Tool Chest to help you start or manage your venture successfully!

Domain Look Up Tool. Before announcing your business torepparttar 138511 world check to determine ifrepparttar 138512 name desired is available. Click Here:

Your Own Web Pages Setting up your first web site is very easy. Although many programs are available for creating a web page you might prefer to userepparttar 138513 templates provided by your web host. By using provided templates you might set up a basic web page in less than 15 minutes. Click Here:

Home Business Autoresponder Now that your web site is established. You will want a quick way to respond to visitors or send them follow up sales material. An autoresponder will send personalized follow up email without any hassle. Click Here:

Home Business Press Release Distribution Announce your new online home based business torepparttar 138514 press with this convenient service. Click Here:

Home Business Email You will need several email accounts to manage your business. One online favorite is Yahoo Mail which boast up to 2GB of space. Click Here:

HTML Editor Web pages are written in a special language called Hyper Text Markup Language. A good HTML editor is a necessity to make changes to your web pages. You don't have to be an expert inrepparttar 138515 language to userepparttar 138516 editor but an understanding of basics is a good idea. 1'st page 2000 is one ofrepparttar 138517 most popular HTML editors. Download Here:

Learn HTML Now you've added a HTML editor to your tool chest. Next, consider learningrepparttar 138518 funny codes and tags. A complete online tutorial found at HTML Goodies will have you designing your own web pages like a professional! Click Here:

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