Little Church of the West in Las Vegas

Written by Randy Wilson

Since 1942 The Little Church ofrepparttar West has served thousands of couples withrepparttar 142605 same quality and professional care that continues to draw romantic souls today. This stunning las Vegas chapel sits on an attractive acre of land that offers a private and yet convenient location for hosting a wedding ceremony or renewing your vows.

Celebrities like Judy Garland and Cindy Crawford have selected this las Vegas wedding chapel asrepparttar 142606 backdrop for their expressions of love in previous wedding pledges. But you don’t have to be either rich or famous to take advantage ofrepparttar 142607 super deals and delightful amenities that this special wedding chapel in las Vegas offers all its clients.

Although there are innumerable las Vegas wedding chapels, few enjoyrepparttar 142608 prestige or glamour that The Little Church ofrepparttar 142609 West does. With connecting service torepparttar 142610 city’s greatest hotels and hot spots, couples will enjoyrepparttar 142611 convenience and ease of planning a quiet, meaningful wedding as a prelude to a fun-filled honeymoon getaway. Las Vegas chapels feature a variety of services to eager clients, yet few claim their clients’ affection as this little church does.

Beginning, custom, traditional, and luxury packages range in price from $199 to $525 (which does not includerepparttar 142612 minister’s fee) and substitutions are not allowed. The basic service includes a simple floral arrangement forrepparttar 142613 bride, one 8x10 photo, music, andrepparttar 142614 marriage license. By contrast,repparttar 142615 luxury package offers 18 poses of photos, an organist, flowers forrepparttar 142616 best man and bridal attendant, and a recording ofrepparttar 142617 ceremony along with a history ofrepparttar 142618 church that includes celebrity footage as well as past and present photos of Las Vegas that will serve as a beautiful keepsake of your momentous occasion.

Wedding Dreams Chapel of Las Vegas

Written by Randy Wilson

Wedding Dreams is a simple las Vegas chapel that can get you married promptly without a lot of time-consuming issues. Call two weeks or more ahead of time if possible, and then come to this unique region for your very special nuptial celebration. This las Vegas wedding chapel provides everything you need for a romantic ceremony that can be performed onrepparttar time and date you specify.

Security and privacy are emphasized here to reassure clients that every effort is being made to protect them against identity or credit card theft.

Prices range between $129 forrepparttar 142590 “Only You” package and $395 to include an Elvis impersonator. The basic plan includes amenities like a candlelight service, 8 4x6 photos, and a video recording ofrepparttar 142591 ceremony. Withrepparttar 142592 Elvis package, “the king” will sing three songs for your wedding. Other additions include a garter forrepparttar 142593 bride, a rose presentation, and champagne glasses, and a witness if needed.

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