Little Chapel of the Flowers

Written by Randy Wilson

The Las Vegas Review Journal poll voted this las Vegas chapelrepparttar best among numerous others. Nevada magazine selected The Little Chapel of Flowers asrepparttar 142587 best las Vegas wedding chapel in southern Nevada. Bride’s Magazine and several television programs like Regis and Kathy Lee, Fox, and ABC Dateline applaud this very special wedding chapel in las Vegas as unique with its on-site waterfall, picturesque wooden bridge, and beautiful grounds that complementrepparttar 142588 scenic chapel.

Las Vegas wedding chapels permeate this historic area, but few offer as many options and amenities as Little Chapel ofrepparttar 142589 Flowers. The landscape and layout of this attractive property are amongrepparttar 142590 most lavish of allrepparttar 142591 las Vegas wedding chapels.

Onsite flower and photography services provide instant access for planning and ceremony readiness. Each wedding service is scheduled at least 30 minutes apart to prevent overlap between bookings and wedding parties. Ministers will perform civil or religious ceremonies, and can add personal touches when they meet with you beforerepparttar 142592 service begins. Of course, as with other las Vegas chapels, you will enjoy free limo service (except forrepparttar 142593 tip) betweenrepparttar 142594 hotel and your chapel.

Princess Wedding Chapel: all for you

Written by Randy Wilson

If you’re looking for a beautiful location to host your nuptials, you will find it atrepparttar Princess Wedding Chapel, so search no further. Become Queen Elizabeth or Princess Grace when you plan a special fantasy event that you and your spouse will always treasure. Mermaids, luaus, Elvis impersonators or rock n’ roll artists will jazz up your ceremony at this unique las Vegas wedding chapel.

Voted by brides asrepparttar 142560 #1 prettiest wedding chapel in las Vegas,repparttar 142561 Princess lets you step intorepparttar 142562 shoes of royalty to order a command performance of your special day. With service that’s fit for a king—or a queen, you will enjoy every moment in this most imaginative ofrepparttar 142563 many las Vegas wedding chapels.

Celebrate your wedding day as Princess Aurora or Cinderella—every girl’s dream! Select traditional music or another type that best suitsrepparttar 142564 mood of this celebratory occasion. Dozens of las Vegas chapels provide similar services, but here you can be anyone you want to forrepparttar 142565 most important day of your life!

But don’t stop withrepparttar 142566 ceremony. Let these experienced artisans help you design and serve a gracious reception banquet for friends and family. Have a candlelight ceremony, an outdoor service, or a full wedding event that will embodyrepparttar 142567 best of allrepparttar 142568 las Vegas chapels. Make it as simple or ornate as you wish. Specialists will work with you to create a splendid occasion that is captured live onrepparttar 142569 Internet or in photographs or a DVD for permanent memories. Assistance is provided for obtainingrepparttar 142570 marriage license, minister, and a witness if needed.

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