Litter Box Strategies for Disabled Cats

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

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Cats that are blind, partially paralyzed, have a missing limb, or very old can develop litter box problems that affect you as well as them. Owning one of these special kitties is challenging, but you can develop solutions to work around cat litter box issues.

This article will touch upon some ofrepparttar 146602 cat litter box issues and corresponding solutions you can implement for your blind, paralyzed, amputee, or very old cat.

Blind cats:

If you have owned kitty for a long time and her vision fades, it is critical that you keep her surroundings as static as possible. She will continue to navigate her way around by memory, and it's vitally important that her cat litter boxes remain fixed in her memory. This doesn't mean there won't be accidents, but you can eliminaterepparttar 146603 possibility by maintaining her cat litter box location.

You can also develop a system where you keep her confined to a room with her food, water, litter box, and toys when you're out of your home. This way, she's in familiar surroundings with all her essentials. If she does have an out of litter box experience, it's confined to one room. When you're home and can monitor her wanderings, she hasrepparttar 146604 freedom to travel aroundrepparttar 146605 entire house without getting into too many difficulties.

Please stay in close contact with your kitty vet if you have a blind cat. She can suggest more ideas and processes to help you and your kitty.

Partially paralyzed cats:

Some cat owners will opt to keep their partially paralyzed kitty alive. This is a personal choice made in coordination withrepparttar 146606 cat's vet. Paralyzed kitties have absolutely no control over their elimination functions, sorepparttar 146607 feline owner is faced with a constant task of cleaning uprepparttar 146608 mess andrepparttar 146609 cat.

Again, close owner supervision will be necessary. Ifrepparttar 146610 cat moves aroundrepparttar 146611 house quite a bit,repparttar 146612 feline owner will need to inspectrepparttar 146613 home several times a day to discover and clean up cat urine stains and feces. Conversely,repparttar 146614 paralyzed kitty can be given a room of her own, with her food, water, toys, and possibly some cat litter onrepparttar 146615 floor, contained by a very low box, or on a protective piece of plastic. It's possiblerepparttar 146616 kitty will be inrepparttar 146617 vicinity ofrepparttar 146618 cat litter if her system eliminates cat urine or feces.

A Review of Cat Fancy Magazine

Written by Jason Canon

Occasionally, some of us get to do work that is totally fun and such isrepparttar case with my assignment to review Cat Fancy Magazine. My own two Bengal cats volunteered to assist with my research but inrepparttar 146287 end both of them were found sleeping onrepparttar 146288 job.

A recent issue of Cat Fancy Magazine estimated that, based onrepparttar 146289 latest surveys, there are approximately 90 million cats inrepparttar 146290 United States. Thus, it is indeed fortunate for those of us who own these ‘purrfect’ animals to have Cat Fancy Magazine available as our own resource. Every issue of Cat Fancy Magazine contains delightful sections such as: Purrs and Hisses (letters from readers),repparttar 146291 Cat Calendar (who, what, when, where), Inrepparttar 146292 Mews, What’s New Pussycat, and other zany sections that make reading each issue a pure pleasure. One of my favorite browse sections of Cat Fancy Magazine isrepparttar 146293 Breeder Directory. It contains about twenty pages of information organized by breed to help anyone quickly find additional resources of interest. The Cat Clinic – Askrepparttar 146294 Vet section of Cat Fancy Magazine contains very important and helpful tips regardingrepparttar 146295 health of your pet.

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