Literature Site Takes Strides

Written by Gary R. Hess

Just months afterrepparttar official opening, Poem of Quotes has again shookrepparttar 148207 literature world by starting a members section which allows poets aroundrepparttar 148208 world to publish their poetry online.

Along with publishing their poetry, authors may create a profile, comment on other poets' works and send private messages all while earning points for later use.

After asked what this means to Poem of Quotes (, Gary Hess responded by stating "Hopefully this will allow those

The Right Wheelchair Accessories Will Ease Your Life and Your Journeys on Wheels

Written by Laura Gray

Wheelchairs come in every shape and size with sufficient options that you can findrepparttar wheels you like to take you where you want to go withrepparttar 148206 assistance you need. To enhancerepparttar 148207 comfort and convenience of your journey, choose accessories tailored to providerepparttar 148208 best support for your activities and your health concerns.

A manual powered wheelchair is a good choice if you have reasonable upper body strength, but electric wheelchairs are preferred by people with upper body impairments. A manual chair could be suitable for years, but increasing age, pain, or fatigue might make it clear that it is time to switch to a motorized chair and saverepparttar 148209 wear and tear on your body. If you are an active sportsperson, you’ll want a lightweight manual; if you live in an area with rough terrain, you’ll need wheels and tires that are up torepparttar 148210 job. For people whose problem is simply limited ability to walk or stand for long periods of time, motorized scooters are probablyrepparttar 148211 preferred choice. Once you have considered your needs and made your chair selection, check outrepparttar 148212 wonderful choice of wheelchair accessories that can change your ride from good to great.

The Perfect Cushion is a Necessity not a Luxury

A good seat cushion for your chair is too important to be considered a luxury item and you should find one that fits your requirements exactly. A good cushion can save you not only from pressure sores but also fromrepparttar 148213 incorrect posture that can generate a variety of back and neck problems. If you have a neuromuscular disease, respiration, circulation and swallowing are also concerns that need to be addressed by correct posture, which means being supported by a good cushion.

1. Foam cushions arerepparttar 148214 least expensive, are lightweight, and are available in a variety of densities. You can also cut and trim them if pressure problems develop. They will, however, lose their shape eventually, which, in itself, can create pressure problems. 2. Air floatation cushions will give you even pressure distribution and some models can be inflated torepparttar 148215 exact height needed. You can purchase them as single-chamber cushions or dual-chamber cushions that allowrepparttar 148216 sides to be at different heights. They are lightweight and waterproof, but can, however, develop leaks or punctures. The pressure should be checked regularly. 3. Gel cushions are particularly comfortable and distribute pressure very evenly. They are heavier than foam or air, however, and it is important to check these products to make surerepparttar 148217 design you are considering will not allowrepparttar 148218 gel to push out torepparttar 148219 sides and causerepparttar 148220 cushion to lose its shape.

A Wheelchair Ramp Gets You to Where You Want to Be

We’ve come a long way, baby, fromrepparttar 148221 days when it was difficult or impossible for wheelchair riders to gain entrance to most public buildings. There are now ramps, enlarged doorways, at least one large stall in most public restrooms, and areas inrepparttar 148222 parking lot designated for handicap parking. There are older buildings, however, that have not yet made accommodation for mobile chairs, and, of course, most private homes are difficult to access with a wheelchair. You will need to travel by car or van on occasion, which means you need some kind of ramp, lift, or hoist to use withrepparttar 148223 vehicle, and a lift inrepparttar 148224 home may be necessary for a wheelchair user to access an upper floor. Fortunately, there is a wide range of new and used lifts, ramps and hoists, and you should be able to find a suitable product amongrepparttar 148225 many wheelchair accessories available for any situation you encounter.

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