Listen My Children And You Will Hear.

Written by Ryan Kelly

All Non-Christians, Liberals, Secularists, and even Christians that do not identify themselves as Fundamentalists, numbering inrepparttar millions, arerepparttar 125909 targets of an abhorrent and immoral conservative Christian movement. Many conservative Christians like to disassociate themselves from this movement by pointing their judgmental fingers at known religious zealots such as Falwell, Robertson, and Dobson, who are in reality their mouthpieces. Anyone that has experiencedrepparttar 125910 zeal of a "born again" Christian immediately understands how committed they are in spreadingrepparttar 125911 word. Unfortunately,repparttar 125912 words they spread are often misguided theology and untruths spewed out by overzealous fundamentalist. The United States is gradually dividing into two sub-cultures: secularism and conservative Christianity. These divisions hold great dangers, because religions tend to be based on an oral or written belief system that is accepted on faith by its believers. Because ofrepparttar 125913 origins of religion andrepparttar 125914 way in which they are structured, followers of different religions hold conflicting, irresolvable beliefs concerning deity, humanity, andrepparttar 125915 rest ofrepparttar 125916 universe. These beliefs cannot readily be harmonized. Conflicts, hate murders, and genocides arerepparttar 125917 logical result.

I'm concerned thatrepparttar 125918 secular side is ill prepared forrepparttar 125919 battle that has begun, and even worst, that many of them can't even conceptualize that there is a battle being waged. If I might reminisce Paul Revere for a moment, one if by government, two if by religion, and three if by a conspiracy of both. I'm wagering my money on three. In common-law fashion,repparttar 125920 church and state, infatuated by each other's power and wealth, court one another in a manner that is inherently destructive torepparttar 125921 natural order of our free society. We now have government-sponsored religion. One can only demand that this faith-based initiative be challenged inrepparttar 125922 court soon. I cringe every time I think of taxpayers' dollars going to supportrepparttar 125923 Christians' prostelizing agendas. Forcing their morality and religious convictions on a society based onrepparttar 125924 "freedom of religion," they use all tactics to destroy harmony in this great nation. Falwell, in his blasphemous tirade said, "The abortionists have got to bear some burden for this because God will not be mocked. And when we destroy 40 million little innocent babies, we make God mad. I really believe thatrepparttar 125925 pagans, andrepparttar 125926 abortionists, andrepparttar 125927 feminists, andrepparttar 125928 gays andrepparttar 125929 lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle,repparttar 125930 ACLU, People Forrepparttar 125931 American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I pointrepparttar 125932 finger in their face and say 'you helped this happen'." Any true liberal that believes inrepparttar 125933 American Dream, with liberty and freedom for all, know that those are fighting words.

Follow The Leader

Written by The Indy Voice

To lead people, walk beside them ... As forrepparttar best leaders,repparttar 125908 people do not notice their existence. The next best,repparttar 125909 people honor and praise. The next,repparttar 125910 people fear; andrepparttar 125911 next,repparttar 125912 people hate ... Whenrepparttar 125913 best leader's work is donerepparttar 125914 people say, "We did it ourselves!" - Lao-Tzu


Iíve just about had it with allrepparttar 125915 talk surrounding this past election. Look, Iím sorry that people were disenfranchised in Ohio but concentrating on and putting so many resources intorepparttar 125916 problems there is likerepparttar 125917 Republican perpetuated myth of people cheatingrepparttar 125918 welfare system. Do people steal fromrepparttar 125919 welfare system? You bet they do, but directors of corporations have stolen a hell of lot of money from people and no one is calling forrepparttar 125920 dissolution ofrepparttar 125921 corporation. The welfare system effects you financially less than 1 flush of your toilet bowl per year and thatís aboutrepparttar 125922 same effect thatrepparttar 125923 ďirregularitiesĒ in Ohio have had onrepparttar 125924 overall election.

The election is over. The person you voted for lost. Republicans did cheat, thatís what they do and they do it well. They arerepparttar 125925 party ofrepparttar 125926 belief thatrepparttar 125927 means justifyrepparttar 125928 ends. Thatís just another fact of life that your gonna have to get over. Suit up and get back on your pony because now weíre going to battle and itís not just in Ohio. You can either mount up and move on or become whatrepparttar 125929 conservatives have been calling you: ďvacillatingĒ or inrepparttar 125930 language ofrepparttar 125931 common man ďpussiesĒ.

The first step inrepparttar 125932 process of ďmounting upĒ for battle is too be honest with yourself. Look inside, findrepparttar 125933 shortcomings and work towards remediating them. I have and what Iíve found I donít like. Honestly, John Kerry was not my first choice for a Presidential candidate. For me, he was a compromise that Iím never going to make again. I donít doubt for one second that John Kerry is a good man but he received my vote because I thought him to berepparttar 125934 most elect-able alternative to Bush. That will not happen again.

Forget all that you think you know about this past election. Itís all B.S.. Come on, do you really think that morals arenít a factor in elections? Who says to them self ďyou know this candidate of ours is just so morally deficient but I donít care, Iím going to vote for him anyway because heís going to getrepparttar 125935 much needed tax code reform passedĒ? Morals are always a factor in elections and yes they are tied in most peopleís minds to their religious beliefs. Big surprise there, huh? People donít vote for leaders strictly for their moral positions or their ideas, they vote forrepparttar 125936 person. Do you want to know what George W. Bush offers people that John Kerry doesnít? CERTAINTY. Yes, you heard right.

For most of you reading this you are going to have a hard time believing what follows. George W. Bush has vision, he has morals, heís decisive and strong and while you may not agree with everything he has to say, you should know that when heís faced with a problem and because he embodies these characteristics, he wonít back down and heís going to dorepparttar 125937 right thing. No, The Indy Voice has not lost all his marbles. This is what people believe. These characteristics arerepparttar 125938 reason why George W. Bush wonrepparttar 125939 election and they are shared by all leaders.

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