Links and search engines

Written by Clare Lawrence

Links and search engines

By Clare Lawrence 29th September 2003 Clare isrepparttar CEO of Discount Domains Ltd a leading UK Domain name registration service.

What is linking? Linking involves linking your websitesite to another withrepparttar 127885 aim increasing traffic and directingrepparttar 127886 web visitors to other interesting content.

How can link popularity be improved?

The following are all worth considering

1) Trade links with other Web sites.

Make sure thatrepparttar 127887 Web sites you trade links with haverepparttar 127888 same target audience, but not direct competition.

2) Pay to get your link on other Web sites.

3)Fair trading; present their link inrepparttar 127889 same way they present your link.

4) Use links from other sites to give people something extra when they visit your Web site.

5) Submit an article to a web site that would be interested in publishing it on their site. Just have them hyperlink your Web site address atrepparttar 127890 bottom of your article.

6)Use your associate program to get a link on other Web sites. Tellrepparttar 127891 Web site owner he or she could make extra income if they link to your site.

7) Join a link exchange service to get your link on other Web sites. Be careful to avoid "Spam sites"

Linking is Queen

Written by Shawn Campbell

Linking is Queen

If content is king, then linking isrepparttar queen that shares his throne. We have all heard about adding content to your site to giverepparttar 127884 search engines fodder to consume. Butrepparttar 127885 secret to luringrepparttar 127886 search engines isrepparttar 127887 links to your site. Today's search engines look very carefully and critically at who is linking to you, and what it is that they are saying about you. A link from a leader in your industry carries a lot of weight and means that your site is important. Two links from industry leaders means your site is even more important. 100 links from random web sites, from industries you are not even related with, means almost nothing. Thus, getting links is onlyrepparttar 127888 start;repparttar 127889 important thing is getting good links from quality web sites.

Why do links matter?

Sincerepparttar 127890 arrival of Google and their PageRank, search engines have put a lot of weight on links to a site. There used to be simple ways to get good rankings: Meta tags, titles, keyword density, etc… Today, things have become more complex, with search engines now using a very complicated algorithm that involves:

•links to your site, •what is written in those links, •who is linking torepparttar 127891 site that links to yours, •what arerepparttar 127892 keyphrases used in those links, •what isrepparttar 127893 quality ofrepparttar 127894 site that is linking to yours, •how many other links does that site have, •how many links out (and to what sites) does your site have, •and other such criteria.

To use a rather appetizing analogy, these new criteria are added torepparttar 127895 stew that is your site, along withrepparttar 127896 quality and quantity ofrepparttar 127897 content. Left to simmer onrepparttar 127898 worldwide web, this stew is then eaten up byrepparttar 127899 search engines depending on how well your site matchesrepparttar 127900 aforementioned criteria. Put differently,repparttar 127901 king and queen must join together to turn your site into a number one result.

How do we get links?

It all starts with content. No one will link to you unless you offer quality information about a particular subject. If you are in real estate, you must offer information aboutrepparttar 127902 area you sell. If someone wants to buy in your area, first s/he will want to learn about it, so you will need to have good resources about that area. The next step is to find new sites that would benefit from your site's information; new sites whose clients would potentially buy your real estate. For example, one of our clients ( sells real estate inrepparttar 127903 Laurentians area of Quebec. Their site has content on activities in Quebec andrepparttar 127904 nearby Laurentian mountains. Thus, we will be soliciting links from web sites such asrepparttar 127905 nearby water parks and ski hills, nearby towns, lake and boating associations, and local construction web sites to name just a few. To these web sites, not only will linking to make their customers happier, but it is in their best interest thatrepparttar 127906 site sells real estate since it brings in more business for them.

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