Linking for Traffic not Positioning!

Written by Jason Hulott

With more and more experts and search engine enthusiasts claimingrepparttar right way andrepparttar 128284 wrong way to handle link swapping, link exchanging or reciprocal linking!

You can tell something is important when there is more than one name for it! GRIN!

There are also two schools of thought onrepparttar 128285 reasons link swapping.

The first reason for link swapping has always been to carry favour with Search engine rankings. Have a good site with lots of links and this is seen as a good thing and therefore Search Engines will rank you higher.

Sadly, like all things in life, this system can be abused and taken torepparttar 128286 extreme. Sites are buying in hundreds if not thousands of links trying to "boost" their ranking artificially. This is fine inrepparttar 128287 short term but we are starting to see a fundamental shift in Search Engine algorhythms.

My last article of link swapping , If Content is King, then surely relevance is Queen! explains my personal view of relevant linking which is still follow.

There is now a second and perhaps more disturbing reason for swapping links.

To build a useful link resource or directory for your visitors.

With working with similar themed sites, swap links to build a directory service which can share and drive traffic to sites within it. Some have even claimed this can drive more traffic that a Search engine ranking.

Need a SEM Strategy? You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Web Business

Written by David Howlett

Just over a year ago I was speaking at a seminar for small business website Owner’s and part of my presentation coveredrepparttar subject of trying to make sense ofrepparttar 128283 website server logs. I talked about how Google was dominatingrepparttar 128284 referrals, how to make use ofrepparttar 128285 keywords inrepparttar 128286 logs andrepparttar 128287 importance of links.

Atrepparttar 128288 end ofrepparttar 128289 seminar a lady walked over and started to tell me aboutrepparttar 128290 thousand of visitors her search engine marketing (SEM) company was driving to her website. She even had a copy ofrepparttar 128291 sites web log report for me to look at.

Short of time and trying to clear up afterrepparttar 128292 event I glanced overrepparttar 128293 report, before handing it back praising her for her success. It was only onrepparttar 128294 drive home that I thought there was something odd about it. The visitor numbers were certainly impressive, butrepparttar 128295 average stay was counted in seconds andrepparttar 128296 referrals consisted of Google and many other sites but few other search engines.

I’ve been reminded of this conversation several times recently while visiting clients andrepparttar 128297 subject comes up of how effectively their search engine marketing company is helping them. Again visitor numbers are inrepparttar 128298 thousands butrepparttar 128299 web logs tellrepparttar 128300 same story of very short visits, with few search engines but many linking sites as referrals. Far more worrying isrepparttar 128301 website Owner's tales of struggling to convent even a fraction of these visitors into paying customers.

So what’s going on? Is this yet another example of unscrupulous SEM specialists ripping off website Owner's? Unfortunatelyrepparttar 128302 issue is not that simple. Part ofrepparttar 128303 problem lies withrepparttar 128304 Owner’s ofrepparttar 128305 website’s themselves: they’re paying good money forrepparttar 128306 service and they want results. Currently most of them see success as a numbers game and don’t fully understandrepparttar 128307 difference between focused visitors interested in their products and someone who stumbled onrepparttar 128308 site for any number of reasons.

So if its numbersrepparttar 128309 customers want there are plenty of SEM companies who will give them just that. They set-up or join multi-linked referral sites pointing torepparttar 128310 target website. Then they promoterepparttar 128311 links they’ve made and sit back and wait for Google to raterepparttar 128312 site with its PageRank system.

And, up to now anyway it’s worked. When Google started, SEM specialists quickly discoveredrepparttar 128313 PageRank system can be manipulated to get results and they’ve been refining their techniques ever since.

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