Linking Your Site: An Increasing Priority

Written by John Seed

Most website developers are now spending a lot of time and often money to appeal to Search Engines. Many payrepparttar $199.00 review fee that is optional now at Yahoo!, or employ specialists to tweak and tune their metatags, keywords and titles. Search Engines are certainly still vital torepparttar 125213 success of your site, but trading reciprocal links with other sites may now be of increased importance asrepparttar 125214 intenet grows by something like a million sites a day.

The designers ofrepparttar 125215 newly popular Search Engine "Google", which gets its raw search data from "The Open Directory Project" have designed a system whererepparttar 125216 "rank" of your site when called up by a search is now determined by its link relationships and also by how many times your site is mentioned or referred to on other sites. To put it simply, Google wants to know that your site is linked to many sites whether they are directories, competitors sites, Message Boards or whatever

The logic of this is that if your site is worth linking to or referring to it must be of interest. Not only does Google's system rank how many times your site is mentioned in link pages, but it also checks to see how "linked"repparttar 125217 sites that carry your reciprocal link are. Sound complicated? It is, but whatrepparttar 125218 searcher gets is a better shot at finding what he or she wants precisely and quickly.

There are some oddities torepparttar 125219 Google system. If you typerepparttar 125220 phrase "more evil thanrepparttar 125221 devil" into Google and then hitrepparttar 125222 "I'm feeling lucky" option (a button that brings yourepparttar 125223 most likely page Google can find) you get, believe it or not,repparttar 125224 homepage ofrepparttar 125225 Microsoft Corporation. Why is this? Because so many pages onrepparttar 125226 net have referred to what they perceive asrepparttar 125227 evil side of Microsoft. Thats a powerful, but unintended effect of allrepparttar 125228 links and discussion boards out there onrepparttar 125229 net.

But, back to your site, lets talk about how you can use links to your advantage. Do you maintain reciprocal links on your page? Perhaps to client's pages, supplier's pages, or pages that would be of interest to your visitors? I would advise you to create and or expand such a page. Then, send an e-mail to each ofrepparttar 125230 sites you have linked to, mention that you have given them a link, and ask that they post one for you in return. Many sites will returnrepparttar 125231 favor. Sites that may charge for banner advertising will give you a link for free.

10 Ways To Gain Your Prospects Attention Using Your Picture Alone!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Use a uncommon hair style. You could style your hair to stand straight up like you're scared or use a wig to wear a mohawk or huge fuzzy hair.

2. Color your hair a bright color. You could color it pink, blue, purple, green, etc. You could even make it match your web site's colors.

3. Draw a lines on your picture. You could draw a black eye or mustache on it before you scan and upload it to your web site.

4. Put on silly glasses. You could put on spring like glasses, oversized colorful glasses, spinning glasses, or even 3D glasses.

5. Wear uncommon clothes. You could wear a super bright suit, a costume outfit, a weird tie or a bathing suit.

6. Make a weird facial expression. You could stick your tongue out, push your face together, make your eyes big, look like you're angry, etc.

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