Linking Psychosis is Treatable

Written by Mike B

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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Linking Psychosis is Treatable. Link Obsession & PageRank by Mike Banks Valentine © September 21, 2004

Search Engine Optimization has become inextricably linked with linking schemes overrepparttar 128284 last couple of years. During that time EVERYONE has noticedrepparttar 128285 value of inbound links to their web sites. This has lead many agressive webmasters to buy up hundreds of keyword focused domain names, slap up a few weak and repetitive content pages over dozens of domain names in an attempt to build their own little empire.


This misguided strategy has litteredrepparttar 128286 web with garbage that nobody wants to clean up. Outdated sites that no longer reflectrepparttar 128287 businesses that created them, with broken images, broken links and broken promises to visitors are everywhere. Their owners don't maintain them, update them, and sometimes don't even pay to host them as duplicated domains are strewn across free hosting services and are forgotten for years.


I'm reluctant to placerepparttar 128288 blame for this on Google, but I'm afraid I must. Google made PageRankrepparttar 128289 holy grail forrepparttar 128290 web and everyone simply set out in search ofrepparttar 128291 holy grail. For those of you NOT obsessed with PageRank, it is only a small part of a complex set of factors Google uses to decide how important a site is based on how many other sites link to it. Linking is important, but many have become obsessed with it torepparttar 128292 point of linking insanity.

There are linking clubs, reciprocal linking services, link building software, link popularity software, and now even link brokerages that purchase links on your behalf! Search engine optimization firms have now begun to establish and position domains solely forrepparttar 128293 purpose of selling links in multiple categories. Those same SEO firms fill their fully optimized pages with Google Adsense Ads to earn income from that portion of visitors not interested in pages of links.


Those visitors click away onrepparttar 128294 Adsense ads simply to find escape fromrepparttar 128295 contentless link farm that they've found while looking for information. The SEO firm has made money both selling links and now from Adsense clickthroughs, but provides no useful information. This is litter generated alongrepparttar 128296 road to traffic generation and link popularity!

Froogle Ė What is it good for?

Written by Ed Kohler

Have you been to Froogle yet? Itís a new product search engine from Google. Itís actually existed for almost a year now, but it only went live as a link from Googleís homepage inrepparttar past month. It's quite possiblyrepparttar 128280 greatest online marketing tool for retailers ever invented.

What is Froogle?

Froogle is a product specific search engine that indexes catalogs of online retailers and compilesrepparttar 128281 information for their users. Search for DVD Players, and youíll come up with 37,000 options as of this writing. You can then filter down to DVD Players between $200-300 and still have 581 choices. Want a DVD/VCR combo? Add VCR torepparttar 128282 search query to filter down to 209 options, and then sort by price with one click.

That should explainrepparttar 128283 power of this program for consumers, but how do retailers makerepparttar 128284 most out of this by getting in front of their prospective customers forrepparttar 128285 products they sell?

The Froogle Feed

While Froogle will likely visit your catalog, index it, and addrepparttar 128286 products to their search engine,repparttar 128287 better way to go is to send Froogle a data feed. This is basically a text file listing your product names, descriptions, pricing information, images, andrepparttar 128288 URL of each product within your cart. This will help Froogle accurately serve your cart's products with up to date pricing..

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