Link Swapping... There IS a Better Way.

Written by Dina Giolitto

Do you ever wonder whatrepparttar point is in spending all this time, energy and money trying to spread your website link around?

Do you get a sinking feeling in your stomach every time you have to shell out more money for clicks that give you impressive numbers but lead nowhere?

Are you weary of crazed marketing types clamoring to swap links with you when you know that there's no *real* interest in what you offer?

Link distribution makes sense if you want to get more exposure and watch your website climb higher onrepparttar 149356 search engine hierarchy, sure. Being highly and permanently visible is vital torepparttar 149357 long-term growth of your business. Buying your way to a big, fat subscriber list will help you to feel popular and loved.

But what good is that sky-high Alexa rank ifrepparttar 149358 people who are clicking on your site have little to no interest in your product anyway?

Having a website that's widely visited by people who are only mildly concerned with what you do, is like having tons of people who claim to be your friends but no one to call up when you want to get close and personal.

Do you ever wish for an improved kind of link swapping, one that not only spreads your link far and wide onrepparttar 149359 Web, but also leaves your reader with a little golden nugget of who you are and what you can do for them?

Do you ever wish for a widespread marketing campaign that will reach your target audience...repparttar 149360 ones who are emotionally connected to your product and willing to pay cash for it? But let me guess... you don't want to invest money in hiring a team of advertising strategists?

It's time to pay homage torepparttar 149361 Internet Gods... because they heard your prayers andrepparttar 149362 answer is finally here.

How to Use Page Generators Effectively

Written by Mohammed Bhimji

There are many flavors of page generators out there, some go above and beyondrepparttar call of duty while others are still generating pages that will getrepparttar 149275 site owners banned byrepparttar 149276 search engines.

You want to purchase a generator that does not leave a fingerprint. Ifrepparttar 149277 search engine can figure out what that fingerprint it, your site – and all others can quickly get banned.

So what should you be looking for when thinking about buying a page generator? How can you make sure it isn’t leaving any tell-tale signs that will get you banned? How can you use a page generator effectively? Read on…

Ensure thatrepparttar 149278 application supports RSS feeds. RSS feeds make help conceal your websites “fingerprint” making it harder forrepparttar 149279 search engine to detect thatrepparttar 149280 page is generated. The application should display feeds from various sources, not just one. Ideally it should also randomly selectrepparttar 149281 sources.

Templates are another way to concealrepparttar 149282 fingerprint, especially ifrepparttar 149283 initial template is hand coded. Whilerepparttar 149284 idea behind page generators is to make things simple – simple can get you in trouble. You should userepparttar 149285 templates provided byrepparttar 149286 application as a base, and build your own master template from this. By making use of advanced features such as CSS, you would only need to create your template once then just changerepparttar 149287 CSS properties to have a truly unique page.

Another bonus isrepparttar 149288 ability to display results from Amazon or other search engines. This adds more value to your pages and valuable content.

Althoughrepparttar 149289 idea is to create sites quickly, you will want to add relevant content. This can be done very easily using a myriad of third-party tools that are available. Remember –repparttar 149290 goal is to ensurerepparttar 149291 longevity of your site and increaserepparttar 149292 number of visitors coming to it. Adding relevant content is easy, there are many article aggregator sites out there that host thousands of articles on virtually every topic imaginable. Simply selectrepparttar 149293 articles you want to reprint – remember to adhere to their terms of use, and post them on your website. Some simple scripts can be purchased to rotaterepparttar 149294 content so that you have a unique page.

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