Link Swapping - The Best Traffic Generator

Written by Pamela Heywood

In an article I wrote recently, called Five Point Plan for Promotion, I suggested swapping links with people already linking to your competitor's sites and this generated a few questions about how to do that specifically, which is what I shall attempt to explain here.

Forrepparttar benefit of those of you who have come in half way through this conversation, swapping links benefits you in two significant ways. Firstly in generating highly targeted direct traffic from those links and secondly in making you "popular" torepparttar 125184 search engines' algorithms, thus improving your rankings.

Don't worry aboutrepparttar 125185 technicalities of this, just know thatrepparttar 125186 more links you have back to your site,repparttar 125187 better off you are with some ofrepparttar 125188 engines. They all work differently, they all change their way of working - develop - so it is impossible for those of us who come underrepparttar 125189 heading of "average" to keep up withrepparttar 125190 finite detail.

Why Competitors?

Don't get me wrong. It would be a mistake to go out onrepparttar 125191 net withrepparttar 125192 attitude of beatingrepparttar 125193 competition into submission with unfair tactics. That is not what this game is about. The net has opened uprepparttar 125194 possibility for more bartering, sharing and cooperation and inrepparttar 125195 long run that will get you further. It is a method especially suited to low-budget marketing.

By all means study who is popular at what you do and strive to be better than them. The top reason I suggest linking to those who link to your competitors is because, intrinsically I am lazy! I am assuming that it will be less work to persuade those people - who are already inrepparttar 125196 business of linking - to do so again.

Nuts and bolts ...

So how do you do this exactly? First, find out who comes up atrepparttar 125197 top forrepparttar 125198 keywords you use to find your site. Do this by searching several search engines at once using WebFerret or Copernic2000. You'll soon see who keeps scoring again and again. Now you want to find who links to them and those will berepparttar 125199 people to whom you write requesting a link-swap.

Five Point Plan for Promotion

Written by Pamela Heywood

There are no secrets: there are no magic formulas. Forget about making money fast while you sleep. Sure, you can automate processes so that your business continues to operate while you are snoring away, but there is no substitute for your initial application and hard work.

That'srepparttar bad news. The good news is that it isn't difficult. The even better news is that most of it can be done for FREE.

OK, assuming that you have built a website appropriate to your business (no, one of those self-replicating ones will NOT do!) and that you are publishing a regular ezine. Both need content: both need quality, but there's plenty of help out there to achieve it.

Now what you need is traffic, or in less technical terms, people looking at your site, your business, what you have to offer.


Every single day we are bombarded with plans and schemes which claim to beatrepparttar 125183 system, drive masses of traffic to your site, make you rich overnight, all your dreams come true so that you'll live happily ever after. All similarities to a fairy-tale are decidedly intentional.

It is confusing. Where do you start?

Now I am not saying that these things don't work, exceptrepparttar 125184 ones which are undoubtedly scams! Generally, every single one will give you some benefit, some link out there, but no single one isrepparttar 125185 magic answer. No matter what they claim. Doing them all will take time, but if you work through methodically, each and every one will help you in some way.

So to eliminate some ofrepparttar 125186 confusion, here is my Five Point Plan for organising your promotion and traffic building efforts. It isn'trepparttar 125187 be-all and end-all either, but it is a good, organised start to a regular process. Incorporate one item from each step each and every single day and you will keep making a little progress and after a while it becomes self-perpetuating.

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