Link Popularity --- Its Role and importance in getting top search engine rankings

Written by Vudatala Meena


“Link Popularity” – these words may have caught your attention several times while you have been searchingrepparttar Internet for tips on optimizing your website for top search engine rankings. Link popularity means popularizing a particular link of a website by increasingrepparttar 119374 number of websites that link to that site. Nowadays link popularity is being considered to berepparttar 119375 most important step ofrepparttar 119376 search engine optimization process. You cannot imagine getting good ranks inrepparttar 119377 top search engines especially Google without following an effective link popularity plan.

Link Popularity Basics

Google gives a lot of importance torepparttar 119378 number of websites that link to a website. In order to getrepparttar 119379 number of websites that link to a site, just type in a domain name in this manner inrepparttar 119380 search box andrepparttar 119381 number that returns isrepparttar 119382 number of incoming links to your site. Onrepparttar 119383 basis ofrepparttar 119384 number of incoming links to a website along with various other factors, Google provides points within 1-10 to that website. These points or PageRank inrepparttar 119385 language of Google is like a measuring tool that helpsrepparttar 119386 Internet surfers to know aboutrepparttar 119387 online popularity of that website. The PageRank of a website can be obtained fromrepparttar 119388 PageRank Toolbar of Google which can be easily downloaded fromrepparttar 119389 Google website. (http:/

Link Popularity Methods

Link Popularity can be done through different methods like ·Reciprocal Link Exchange Programs among websites ·Posting messages of your websites on various message boards and guest books ·Publishing articles about your website or company in other websites.

1. Reciprocal Link Exchange Program

Definition -

Reciprocal Link Exchange Program isrepparttar 119390 most popular and commonly followed method for implementingrepparttar 119391 link popularity plan of a website and gettingrepparttar 119392 desired results.

Reciprocal Link Exchange Program Steps -

A reciprocal link exchange program deals in exchanging of links with several websites. This program involves several steps that need to be followed which have been described below:

Step 1 –

Link exchange for a website is usually done with websites ofrepparttar 119393 same industry as well as withrepparttar 119394 websites of other industries. For example, if your website is all about finance, you should be onrepparttar 119395 lookout for websites that deal in finance along with other websites that are not related to finance. Sorepparttar 119396 first and foremost step is to find prospective link partners/websites that offer reciprocal link exchange programs. You can do this easily by typing inrepparttar 119397 industry related keywords (e.g. “personal finance”, “financial expert”) inrepparttar 119398 Google search box. And you can find outrepparttar 119399 websites offering link exchange out ofrepparttar 119400 search results thus generated.

Step 2 -

Always try to exchange links with websites having Google PR (PageRank) of 4 or more. Hererepparttar 119401 PR 4 criteria is applicable for both index page as well asrepparttar 119402 links page of a website.

Step 3 –

You have to look forrepparttar 119403 link exchange details of each ofrepparttar 119404 websites. The link exchange details lets you know howrepparttar 119405 website wants to its link to appear in your links page, where to send your link exchange details, etc. The details generally includerepparttar 119406 website’s link code, email address to send your information. Sometimes you may have to submit your link information through a form provided inrepparttar 119407 website.

Step 4 –

Now, create an html page containingrepparttar 119408 list of link partners that you have searched and saved so far. Name this html page as Resources/Partners/Links/Interesting Websites, etc. and provide a link to this links page inrepparttar 119409 index page of your website. Make sure that your links page is either 1 click or maximum of two clicks away fromrepparttar 119410 index page otherwise prospective link partners may not be interested in reciprocating your link.

Adding the Right Keywords to Your Website Content

Written by Megan Corwin

You've made your website, added a great title and keywords inrepparttar meta tags. That's it, right?

Not quite. There is another simple strategy to get more bang out ofrepparttar 119373 content of your page – knowing what words people are using for their searches and then incorporating them into your website.

Here's a handy tool that will be your guide to finding those words:

Let's step through an example for a candle business: Type candle inrepparttar 119374 search box andrepparttar 119375 results return christmas candle, yankee candle, making candle, candle holder, and candle supply in addition to justrepparttar 119376 word candle.

How can a candle company business benefit from this knowledge? By working as many of these results intorepparttar 119377 site content as can be done reasonably.

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