Link Exchanges - What They Can Do For Your Business (Part 2)

Written by Martin Lemieux

Link Exchanges What can they do for your business! (Part 2)

By: Martin R. Lemieux __________________________________________

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For those of you who are trying to figure out if you should use an automated link promoter or just simply doing everything yourself:

Linking softwares are great (not really) I've tried 2 programs myself, and I must say that both attempts were a disaster! Now i'm not saying that eventually that there will be a perfect software out there to promote your link exchange program.

Right now, here are some ofrepparttar problems

- The links that you will find are not relavant to your site's content.

- Some links tend to be "Link Farms" that only harm your search engine performance.

- You'll tend to get millions of porn sites!

and so on... ---------------------------------------------------

Here's a method that holds very strong when I look for link partners:

--------------------------------------------------- When I find a great resource that has similar content to my site, I will browse through their ENTIRE "Resourceful Links" listed on their site and see if It's a good idea to link to them! ---------------------------------------------------

Here's another method of doing this effectively for best results:

--------------------------------------------------- If you happen to find a great resource, enter their entire "URL" in

What you need to look for is this: "Find web pages that link to"

The Purpose Martin?

Once you click onrepparttar 128131 "pages that link to that site" you will find sites that already have a great link program related to your site!

Take advantage of linking to allrepparttar 128132 sites listed within that search on google! ---------------------------------------------------- PLEASE TRY TO AUTOMATE YOUR LINK EXCHANGE PROGRAM!

It get's very fustrating for an entrepreneur like me who is trying to have a really good source of link exchanges, especially when I have to e-mail my companies information manually!

Try adding a "Mail Script" that takesrepparttar 128133 link exchange information right from your site! You'll find that more sites will want to link to yours!

Here's an example of what your form should ask: =====================================>

Revising Your Site - What Happened To My Search Engine Placement?

Written by Martin Lemieux

Revising Your Site - What Happened To My Search Engine Placement? By Martin Lemieux

As of September, Smartads went through what so many have done before. I changedrepparttar entire site. I knew what it meant. It means that your search engine placements your probably so proud of are probably going to be lost inrepparttar 128130 process.

Sad but true. See, search engines are getting smarter, not only are they getting smarter but they do what you do. When you change a design, typically you change it for a couple of reasons.

1) You don't likerepparttar 128131 design anymore 2) You've learned knew tips on how to optimize your site better for search engine placements. 3) Your revising your services 4) You baught an old domain name

Whatever it may be, you're changing something. Now it won't happen right away but eventually, if your site already has a good search engine ranking, then search engines will find out what you've done.

But "se's" aren't human? That's correct but they were built by humans. Most se programmers realize that eventually something changes and since they want their search engine to berepparttar 128132 best, they try to recognize your changes right away but there's only one problem.

What do they do withrepparttar 128133 listings you have right now? Well, let's say for instance you are attempting to change everything forrepparttar 128134 better.

Now let's also say that you HAD a page title called "good rank". Search engine's previously know and still think that your page is all about "good rank". Moving along, your new page information is about "Getting a better rank". Your old placements are now wrong inrepparttar 128135 eye's of search engines. They now realize that something has changed. So what are they going to do?

Dump your old listings and start over! Ouch is right. So why would you ever want to change your site if that'srepparttar 128136 case?

Well here's some food for thought: Yes, you may loose your existing rankings but your roots are growing. Your new pages are growing bigger and better than before, it just takes a small transitional period to take effect.

For instance, within Google, Smartads had over 580 pages found when looking at allrepparttar 128137 links to smartads. Since we changedrepparttar 128138 whole site, there was a 2 day period were none of them were listed anymore. Normally, I would of gotten scared right away if I didn't know that my site had changed.

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