Link Exchange Scam

Written by Azani

I have written in an article aboutrepparttar importance to be linked by other web site in order to increase your link popularity. It is related to PageRank. The more back link you get,repparttar 139128 higher your PageRank will be, andrepparttar 139129 higher ranking you will get inrepparttar 139130 search engine when somebody searches your keywords. You may easily found many of webmasters really eager to exchange links with each other especially whenrepparttar 139131 other page's PageRank is higher then them. Just type "link exchange" in Google you will found thousands of them. But you must be very careful in choosing web site to exchange link. Some of them just make your PageRank going down intorepparttar 139132 drain by wasting your PageRank. Firstly, what is PageRank? PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is onrepparttar 139133 web. When one page links to another page, actually it is tellingrepparttar 139134 search enginerepparttar 139135 importance of other page. When more links a page got from another page, it shows how importantrepparttar 139136 page must be.

While surfing around looking for web sites to exchange link I found some of webmasters doing bad thing to their link partner. One example is to addrepparttar 139137 directory where those links are located in disallow line in "robots.txt".

What exactlyrepparttar 139138 webmaster want to do? Actually,repparttar 139139 webmaster restrict any search engine's robot from crawling intorepparttar 139140 directory, in this case 'linkbuilder' directory. If you have exchange link with this web site,repparttar 139141 spider will not see your link onrepparttar 139142 page, so it contribute nothing to you PageRank. Obviously, your web page has a link to this web site (because you exchange link with him) andrepparttar 139143 spider see it. Your web page give a point torepparttar 139144 web site, butrepparttar 139145 website give nothing to yours. As a resultrepparttar 139146 PR ofrepparttar 139147 web site will increase, but your web site's PageRank will go down.

How to Get One Way Backlinks

Written by Matt Colyer

Don't be fooled into believing that all backlinks are created equal because their not! Why, you may ask? It's no secret that many webmasters trade links left, and right, forrepparttar benefit of a higher ranking inrepparttar 137767 search results, but search engines have caught on to this technique, and are very aware that this is major threat torepparttar 137768 relevance ofrepparttar 137769 search results.

Search engines such as Google have took steps in an effort to prevent this from becoming major problem by placing more importance on one way backlinks. So, how do you get one way backlinks to your web site? Well, there are number of ways to go about this, butrepparttar 137770 most effective techniques are listed below.

1) Having a useful, and valuable web site, especially if your web site is free, (Such as providing articles, tools, games, and software.) will cause other web sites to link to your web site. Why? Because by linking to useful, and unique web sites offer value to their own web site's visitors, and therefor increases their own value. This one can take while to really pay off because like all new web sites, you won't get much traffic.

2) Getting listed in directories, especially related ones, won't only bring you tons of traffic, but will also improve your search engine ranking. The two most important directories to get listed in arerepparttar 137771 ODP (Otherwise known DMOZ), and Yahoo's directory. You can also find directories that are related to your web site by searching with your favorite search engine with your keyword, and adding atrepparttar 137772 end resource or directory.

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