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Written by Madhur.G.Bajaj

The Linguaphone Institute London , founded in 1923, has always had close links with acedemic world. Jacques Roston, founder ofrepparttar Institute and pioneer ofrepparttar 109378 use of sound recordings in home- study language learning, was advised by distinguished scholars inrepparttar 109379 field of languages including Daniel Jones, probablyrepparttar 109380 best-known phonetician this century and author ofrepparttar 109381 definitive English Pronouncing Dictionary. In 1967 Linguaphone relationship withrepparttar 109382 acedemic world was formalised withrepparttar 109383 appointment of an Acedemic Advisory Committee chaired byrepparttar 109384 former provost of University College London, Ifor Evans( Lord Evans of Hungershall), ahd including amongrepparttar 109385 members AC Gimson, Andre Martinet and Randolph Quirk.

Three steps you need to know to improve your learning and have better grades.

Written by Emmanuel SEGUI

"I'm a failure" "I'll never make it." That'srepparttar kind of affirmation we hear people say. To overcome this feeling of worthlessness you need to make 3 little steps that will help you discoverrepparttar 109377 genius within you.

1. You need to motivate yourself.

First of all, remember that great people learned a basic and essential quality you need to acquire: persistence. Very successful people failed many times, like most of us. But they get up right away and they begin again and again until they eventually succeed.

We can motivate ourselves by seeingrepparttar 109378 result in our mind as if it has already occurred. Feel what you would feel if you have better grades. Name this feeling. Amplify this feeling until it becomes very pleasant. Now, you are going to add some new feelings upon this first feeling. Do you remember a time when you were really excited about something? When you have this excitemant in you, add it torepparttar 109379 first very pleasant feeling as if you put a coat of excitement overrepparttar 109380 coat of 'very pleasant state'. Let this feeling of excitement diffuse in you and notice how you feel.

Notice how feel very motivated, calm and confident. And for a moment, you know that you will succeed in school. But something holds you back. You need to make this second step....

2. You need to get rid ofrepparttar 109381 beliefs that hold you back

Considerrepparttar 109382 law of belief: whatever you believe becomes your reality. Once you understand and appropriate this belief in yourself, you discover that you can do many things and especially have better grades.

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