Linguaphone International Language

Written by Madhur.G.Bajaj

Dear Sir/Mam,

Dont you feel good when a foreigner speaks a few lines of Hindi to you. How would you feel if you could dorepparttar same when you go to a foreign land?

We are here to help you to achieve confidence and fluency in communication with a vocabulary of 2000 words for all kinds of situations as well as develops and consolidatesrepparttar 109398 4 skills of communication speaking, reading, understanding, and writing in any international language

Resources for Celebrating Black History Month

Written by Susan Dunn, MA, The EQ Coach

Black History month in February is an opportunity to broaden your understanding ofrepparttar role of African-Americans in history. Here are some resources to help you and your family learn more and take part inrepparttar 109397 celebration. 1. Start by takingrepparttar 109398 Black past quiz on (,1399,1-4888,00.html?relinks ). 2. Another great resource is . There you can purchase videos such as “The Black West” or “Abubakari: The Explorer Kind of Mali.” These are winners ofrepparttar 109399 Gold Apple fromrepparttar 109400 national Educational media Association, Telly Award. They also have activity books, books, candy, foodand holders, celebration items, clothing andaccessories, drinkware and tableware, keychains and magnets, posters, printed handouts, programs, ribbons, pins and buttons, school and stationery supplies and writing instruments. You can add your stories, articles and researchpapers to their online collection. Be sure and check outrepparttar 109401 Multicultural sectionwhere you’ll find American cultures for childrenvideos, American history, holidays for children(Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New year,Cinco de Mayo), multicultural peoples of North America and more. 3. On this site ( ), you’ll find multigenerational ways of celebrating, and a great list of stories, poems, song and art by Afro-Americans. 4. The African-American Mosaic ( ), A Library of Congress Resource Guide forrepparttar 109402 study of Black history & culture, includes many resources, including ex-slave narratives. 5. The list of inventions by Blacks is truly amazing. Go here to read about them: hemes/blackhistory/list.htm . You’re probably familiar with George Washington Carver, but did you know Alfred Benjamin invented stainless steel pads; John A .Burr inventedrepparttar 109403 lawn mower; George Carruthers inventedrepparttar 109404 image converter radiation detector; L.F. Brown inventedrepparttar 109405 horse bridle bit; and Sarah Boone inventedrepparttar 109406 ironing board? 6. The Harlem Renaissance was an important event inrepparttar 109407 history of literature, knowledge and arts inrepparttar 109408 US. You can read about it here: . Dr. Alain Leroy Locke, a native of Philadelphia and magna cum laude graduate of Harvard in 1907, is consideredrepparttar 109409 driving force behindrepparttar 109410 artists of this era. A Phi Beta Kappa, he was alsorepparttar 109411 first African-American Rhodes Scholar. He studied Greek and Philosophy at Oxford and received his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1918. He wasrepparttar 109412 author of “The New Negro,” and “The Negro in Art,” celebrating African-Americans inrepparttar 109413 arts. 7. African Americans have figured prominently inrepparttar 109414 arts, and here you can see a library of works: . Take a look atrepparttar 109415 art of Thomas Blackshear ( ),repparttar 109416 prolific works of Edward Mitchell Banniester ( DB=pcdb_images&FORMAT=one&FPASS=N& FHIT=1&ESET=RECORD&QUERY=LAST/ Bannister+and+FIRST/Edward ), “Shot Gun Third Ward #1, by John Biggers ( ), Elizabeth Catlett’s “Singing Head” ( ), “Southern Gate” by Eldzier Cortor ( DB=pcdb_images&FPASS=N&FORMAT=one& FHIT=1&ESET=RECORD&QUERY=LAST/CORTOR ++and+FIRST/ELDZIER+ ), and start here forrepparttar 109417 many paintings of Jacob Lawrence ( DB=pcdb_images&FPASS=N&FORMAT=one&FHIT= 1&ESET=RECORD&QUERY=LAST/Lawrence+and+ FIRST/Jacob+ ). 9. On, you can readrepparttar 109418 profiles of prominent Blacks.

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