Lincoln New Car Reviews

Written by Lincoln Fan

Most people strive to live a life marked by luxury, style, and comfort. It’srepparttar American dream. For many, this American dream is symbolized by driving a particular type of car. For those inrepparttar 140758 know,repparttar 140759 epitome of elegance and pleasure isrepparttar 140760 Lincoln Brand.

2005 Lincoln Town Car Starting at $42,875 manufacturer selling retail price (which does not include incentives, registration and title fees, or taxes), this isrepparttar 140761 car that most people think of when they think of Lincoln. With a roomy and gorgeous interior, you’ll enjoy a ride that is as smooth-as-silk.

2005 Lincoln Aviator The Aviator is a medium sized SUV that will give competitors a real run for their money. With a design that is as attractive as it is functional,repparttar 140762 impressive 4.6L V-8 engine tows cargo with no trouble at all. The Aviator starts at $41,400 MSRP.

2005 Lincoln Navigator The Navigator is a full sized SUV to be reckoned with – boasting a powerful 5.4L V-8 engine. Available with several amenities, this Lincoln model starts at $51,145 MSRP.

Save tons on Wood Grain interiors DIY

Written by Wilson Ewell

When purchasing a new car a lot of dealers try to upsellrepparttar customer with items such as undercoating, extended warranties, wheels, scotchguard and my personal favorite wood grain dash kits.

Overrepparttar 140666 years I have earned a bit of respect from my customers by advising them wood grain interiors can be installed easily at home and can saverepparttar 140667 customer anywhere from 700.00-1000.00.

At our dealership we purchase Dash Kits from We then chargerepparttar 140668 customer a full retail price and installation which ends up on average around 800.00 to right under 1000.00. The kits cost us anywhere from 100.00-250.00 each and can now be purhased by customers directly from The one reason why are company still uses instead ofrepparttar 140669 others is because of its special poly coating onrepparttar 140670 dash kits that allows us to guarantee our work torepparttar 140671 customer for life. Since 1998 we have been installing their kits and to date not one claim has been filed.

I asked for permission to use their instructions page to conclude this write up and have been granted permission. Here goes- Good luck and enjoy your dash trim kit. Pre-Installation Steps

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