Lightening the Load ... Getting Help When You Need It

Written by Elena Fawkner

If there's one immutable fact of life when it comes to this business, it's that there's so much to do but so little time to do it all in. At some point aroundrepparttar one year mark, if you've been even moderately successful in your online business, you'll find you've reachedrepparttar 117968 limit of what you can do withrepparttar 117969 time you have available. At that point you have a choice: to deliberately retardrepparttar 117970 growth of your business to maintainrepparttar 117971 status quo, or take on additional resources to help you cope with a business that continues to grow beyondrepparttar 117972 capacities of just one person.

That's justrepparttar 117973 choice I was faced with when I returned torepparttar 117974 full-time workforce last month after running my online business on a full-time basis for two months. I realized almost immediately that if I kept onrepparttar 117975 way I was, my business wasn't going to go any further. It was taking all my time to deal withrepparttar 117976 administrative side ofrepparttar 117977 business and that left none forrepparttar 117978 really important business- development activities that kept getting pushed torepparttar 117979 back-burner until I magically foundrepparttar 117980 time to get to them. In this article, we look at getting help when you need it. And no, I'm not talking about going out and hiring a wage-earning full-time employee or even a part-time employee for that matter although that, of course, is one option open to you. Instead, with a little bit of lateral thinking you may well find you can getrepparttar 117981 help you need for very little (if any) up-front cash outlay.


Because (I assume) you're still running your business on a shoestring, you can't afford to pay someone a wage in advance of generating additional income. This means that whoever you choose needs to be someone who's prepared to work for a percentage ofrepparttar 117982 profits ofrepparttar 117983 business rather than a wage. For this reason,repparttar 117984 person you choose will most likely be close to you ... a family member, spouse or very close friend.

As forrepparttar 117985 proportion of profits that you pay to your assistant, this is up to you and your assistant to negotiate and will depend on several factors includingrepparttar 117986 types of tasks your assistant performs,repparttar 117987 time they have available to work (and actually do work) andrepparttar 117988 overall contribution they make torepparttar 117989 business. An assistant who takes an entrepreneurial interest inrepparttar 117990 business and contributes to its growth in addition to its maintenance should be rewarded accordingly.


Be sure to get professional advice before you start your arrangement with your assistant. You need to think about tax and other issues such as whether your profit-sharing arrangement might create a partnership rather than an employer-employee relationship (this may or may not be something you want). Also, assuming you're not intending to create a partnership relationship with your assistant, think about whether you want an employer-employee relationship or whether you prefer your assistant to be an independent contractor. There are tax consequences for each ofrepparttar 117991 above scenarios so be sure to talk to your accountant about your options.


It should be self-evident that you are going to have to convertrepparttar 117992 time you free up withrepparttar 117993 help of your assistant into income. In other words, if your business doesn't generate any more income as a result of you taking on an assistant, byrepparttar 117994 time you split your profits, you're going to be behind. So it's crucial that you takerepparttar 117995 time you save and spend it wisely. That means using your time on projects that are going to increaserepparttar 117996 income of your business by more thanrepparttar 117997 cost of splitting your profits.


Now, who should you choose for your assistant? To start with, consider who in your immediate circle has bothrepparttar 117998 time andrepparttar 117999 ability to help you in your business. It could be a spouse, teenage son or daughter, parent, next door neighbor, brother or sister, close friend or colleague.

In my case, my first choice for an assistant was my computer-savvy mother but, because she is retired and on a pension, she can't earn an income without jeopardizing her retirement income. I therefore didn't consider her as a real possibility.

I then considered one of my sisters but, because of technical problems (she didn't have a suitable computer and wasn't in a position to get one quickly) that wasn't going to work either. Then my other sister, not computer- savvy but obviously a lateral thinker, suggested that, instead of paying my mother her share ofrepparttar 118000 profits in cash which would have jeopardized her pension, why not pay her in airline tickets from Australia torepparttar 118001 US? Because I have recently relocated from Australia torepparttar 118002 US, this was a perfect solution because it was expenditure my parents would have incurred anyway. And, from my business's point of view, because my mother works forrepparttar 118003 business,repparttar 118004 airfaresrepparttar 118005 business pays for will be tax-deductible as our visits will be, at least in part, business-related. So, give some thought to your particular circumstances and think laterally. Perhaps you have a teenage son or daughter who is good with computers and is looking for a way to earn additional income. Not only does appointing them as your assistant achieve this goal, it also gives your child crucial experience working inrepparttar 118006 ecommerce field and that sure can't hurt!

A Pyramid By Any Other Name Will Still Come Tumbling Down

Written by Elena Fawkner

"Three Days, Three People, Retire in 30 days!

Make no mistake, People will start BEGGING you to sponsor them in!

Take a look at this Income Projection Chart:

Level | # of Days | # Benefactored | Income Projection

1 3 3 $70 2 6 9 $130 3 9 27 $290 4 12 81 $660 5 15 243 $1520 6 18 729 $3520 7 21 2,187 $8160 8 24 6,561 $18,880 9 27 19,683 $43,520 10 30 59,049 $99,840 11 33 177,147 $227,840 12 36 531,441 $517,120 13 39 1,594,323 $1,167,360

Days add up in a hurry and so does your downline!"

OK people ... I know how tempting this looks but REALITY check time. This is but one example of a number of "wealth generation programs" currently being touted online. The idea is that you must find three people who want to join this program, you pay $20 to "benefactor" each of them intorepparttar program (for a total "investment" of $60) and you're set for life. Oh, and you have to do it in three days. Each of your three, if they are to remain inrepparttar 117967 game and thereby deriverepparttar 117968 same wondrous riches from repparttar 117969 program as you, must also find three people, benefactor them intorepparttar 117970 program (again within three days) and their three must find their three in three days and so on.

And, because non-performers are booted fromrepparttar 117971 program, sorepparttar 117972 theory goes,repparttar 117973 only people getting paid arerepparttar 117974 ones actively benefactoring in their own recruits, each of whom downrepparttar 117975 line contributes their "investment" of $60.


The product each person gets for their $60 (because this is NOT, of course, a PYRAMID SCHEME - banishrepparttar 117976 thought!) is:

"Software entitled "Building an MLM Empire usingrepparttar 117977 Internet", in which you Own Full Licensed Retail Rights to Marketrepparttar 117978 software. Retail Value $29.95 All Sales Are Final-No Refunds!"

OK, three points onrepparttar 117979 "product".

First, your investment is $60. The product is worth (let's give themrepparttar 117980 benefit ofrepparttar 117981 doubt) $29.95. HELLO!? But you get RESELL RIGHTS!, I hear you protest. That makes it more valuable than justrepparttar 117982 purchase price ofrepparttar 117983 product itself. Oh yeah? Well, you HAVE to be able to sellrepparttar 117984 product otherwise repparttar 117985 whole scheme ... er ... program would be nothing more than a wealth distribution arrangement wouldn't it? And that's againstrepparttar 117986 law, and we couldn't have that.

Second, this is not "software", it's an e-Book.

Third,repparttar 117987 title ofrepparttar 117988 e-Book deviously and insidiously implies a relationship between this "wealth creation program" and MLM (multi-level marketing). MLM is a different thing altogether. For a more detailed explanation of what MLM is and what it is not, read "Not MLM! ... Why ever not?" at .


OK, so what about these "wealth creation programs" then? Sounds like a great idea, right? Everybody wins! Well, think about this ... if everyone goes out and gets three people who each have to throw $60 intorepparttar 117989 pot for their three, everybody up and downrepparttar 117990 line has effectively contributed $60 and that's all there is inrepparttar 117991 pot. How do you get more than your $60 back?

Ahah! you cleverly point out, those who don't recruit ... er ... "benefactor in" ... er ... SELL (yeah, that's it, SELL)repparttar 117992 "product" to their three gets dropped, don't they, so nowrepparttar 117993 $20 their benefactor contributed for them to joinrepparttar 117994 program is still inrepparttar 117995 pot but they're not. They've forfeited their investment. THAT'S how we make money.

OK! Very good. I can see you're paying attention. Just one, teensy little problem with this brilliant plan.

It's B.S.. It's a pyramid scheme and it's ILLEGAL.


In her prepared statement torepparttar 117996 International Monetary Fund's seminar on "Current Legal Issues Affecting Central Banks" in May 1998, Debra Valentine, General Counsel forrepparttar 117997 U.S. Federal Trade Commission, had this to say about pyramid schemes:

"What is striking about these schemes is that while they are very old forms of fraud, modern technology has vastly multiplied their potential for harming our citizens. The Internet in particular offers pyramid builders a multi-lane highway to world-wide recruits in virtually no time.

"What is a Pyramid Scheme and What is Legitimate Marketing?

"Pyramid Schemes now come in so many forms that they may be difficult to recognize immediately. However, they all share one overriding characteristic. They promise consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods torepparttar 117998 public. Some schemes may purport to sell a product, but they often simply userepparttar 117999 product to hide their pyramid structure. There are two tell- tale signs that a product is simply being used to disguise a pyramid scheme: inventory loading [recruits are forced to buy more product than they could possibly sell] and a lack of retail sales [sales are made only between people insiderepparttar 118000 pyramid, not torepparttar 118001 public in general - sound familiar?]. ...

"[P]yramids are quite seductive because they may be able to deliver a high rate of return to a few early investors for a short period of time. Yet, .. pyramid .. schemes are illegal because they inevitably must fall apart. No program can recruit new members forever. Every pyramid .. scheme collapses because it cannot expand beyondrepparttar 118002 size ofrepparttar 118003 earth's population. [Footnote 3: "Assume a pyramid scheme in which each person recruits 10 new people. There would be one person atrepparttar 118004 top, 10 beneath her, 100 beneath them and so forth. The pyramid would involve everyone on earth in just 10 layers of people with one con artist on top. The bottom layer would have more than 4.5 billion people."] Whenrepparttar 118005 scheme collapses, most investors find themselves atrepparttar 118006 bottom, unable to recoup their losses.

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