Lift-Off for Innovative New Online Music Store

Written by Hawksbill Music

Downloading music fromrepparttar internet is fast becoming one ofrepparttar 109985 world's biggest growth industries. A student is now trying to tap intorepparttar 109986 market by setting up a website for independent musicians to sell their songs on an international stage.,repparttar 109987 creation of Joseph Lavington, an 18-year-old student from England, is open to all independent musicians - local, national and international. Internet surfers are able to download and listen to songs up to three times for no charge. If they likerepparttar 109988 track, they have to buy it to hear it again andrepparttar 109989 artist receives half of every sale.

Joseph, fromrepparttar 109990 city of Bath, England, said, "There has been a lot of talk of musicians being ripped off by downloads. So many albums and songs have been leaked on torepparttar 109991 web and downloaded by fans. The musician's rights are ignored, and he or she loses a lot of money. It discourages record labels from investing in new talent."

Take Beautiful Landscape and Nature Photos

Written by Kelly Paal

Weve all been there. Spent a lot of money to go to someplace weve never been before. Weve takenrepparttar photos and brought them home expecting family and friends to ooh and aah overrepparttar 109984 shots weve taken. You openrepparttar 109985 envelope and take outrepparttar 109986 prints and somehowrepparttar 109987 landscapes and nature shots that looked so beautiful there look flat, dull, and you dont remember seeing that couple inrepparttar 109988 corner of your shot when you snappedrepparttar 109989 shutter. First thing that you must know is that to get really great landscape and nature shots you really need an SLR with appropriate film forrepparttar 109990 job, but these tips will help you even if you are using a point and shoot. 1. Appropriate film. I use 100, 200, and 400 speed maximum. Film brand is a matter of personal taste. I userepparttar 109991 100 and 200 when I know that its going to be bright out and I use 400 if I think that Im going to capture wildlife or if Im deep inrepparttar 109992 forest. 2. Natural light. I try to avoid using flash. If I do use flash I only use my fill flash. Whenever you use flash you robrepparttar 109993 scene of most of its natural charm. Think of it how many times did you take a shot becauserepparttar 109994 light was just to pretty. 3. The right lens. A slight wide angle lens in very valuable for landscapes and a slightly telephoto comes in handy for tight shots of beautiful flowers. I personally have a favorite lens 30mm-70mm that is a staple for me and I use it ninety percent ofrepparttar 109995 time. Now thatrepparttar 109996 technical stuff is out ofrepparttar 109997 way. 4. Decide what it is EXACTLY that you are trying to capture on film and crop accordingly. Not cropping enough is one ofrepparttar 109998 biggest mistakes amateur photographers make. Great thing about landscapes is that they dont move. So to learn take a few shots cropping closer each time.

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