Lifetime Email Addresses part 3

Written by Stephen Cope

Checking Domain Name availability

Having decided on a domain name we now need to check its availability before we can register it. All registrars that can register a .name domain name also have a facility for checking its availablity. So to checkrepparttar availablity of your domain name go to either any ofrepparttar 109551 .name registrars a complete list is available here:

Before you Purchase

If you check on one or two ofrepparttar 109552 registrars above you will notice that there can be a great variance in price. The most logical choice is to chooserepparttar 109553 cheapest. Before you choose you should be aware that on its own a domain name is not of much use so please read on.

Domain names-Email Addresses and Websites.

A domain name is an address. A domain name is not a mailbox or a website! Once you've purchased a domain name you need to link it to a website and/or mailbox. So when purchasing a domain name from a registrar you need to find out if it includes any ofrepparttar 109554 following inrepparttar 109555 price or are they extra. a) website and/or email forwarding b) website hosting c) pop3 mailboxes and/or webmail.

To access email sent to your email address you will either need to forward that email to an existing address or have it sent directly to a mailbox. This was discussed in part 1 available at my websites see below.

Email Forwarding

This isrepparttar 109556 same technique as is used in standard mail forwarding when you move house. Letters addressed to your old address are forwarded on to your new address. The main difference is that with normal mailrepparttar 109557 forwarding is usually temporary (i.e. 3-6 months), whereas in email you could do it for as long as you want. So as an example my new lifetime email address is and I have an existing hotmail account of I arrange that any email sent to is forwarded on to


Email is stored on a email server in mailboxes. The mailbox is in effectrepparttar 109558 physical storage equivalent to a physical mailbox for letters. The mailbox is in turn linked to an email address or addresses. It is very common to have email from multiple email addresses forwarded to a single mailbox for storage and access. The address is notrepparttar 109559 mailbox andrepparttar 109560 mailbox is notrepparttar 109561 address, they are different. To read email in your mailbox you need to accessrepparttar 109562 mailbox using appropriate email software


Almost all email onrepparttar 109563 internet is currently retrieved usingrepparttar 109564 POP3 Protocol using an email client like Outlook Express, Incredimail, Eudora. Because POP3 isrepparttar 109565 most common method of retrieving email you often seerepparttar 109566 term POP3 mailbox being used. With POP3repparttar 109567 email is usually moved fromrepparttar 109568 server and placed onrepparttar 109569 client machine.

Lifetime Email Addresses part 2

Written by stephen Cope

As discussed in a previous articlerepparttar best way of having a lifetime email address is to register your own domain name. Here we are going to look in more detail at domain names and how to choose one.

Domain Names

A domain name is in effect an address. It can berepparttar 109550 address of a web site and can alsorepparttar 109551 address of a mailbox. The email address hasrepparttar 109552 general form mailbox@domain2.domain1 mailbox= name of mailbox e.g billg, billc domain2= 2nd level domain IBM, Microsoft, Dell domain1= tld e.g com, mil, gov When it comes to choosing a domain name then you are limited inrepparttar 109553 choice forrepparttar 109554 Top level domain (domain1) as they are pre-assigned byrepparttar 109555 Internet authorities. However you have complete choice overrepparttar 109556 second level (domain2) or third level domains;repparttar 109557 only restriction is that no one else has already chosen it.

Choosing a Domain Name Choosing a TLD

The first step is choosing a tld (top level domain). A complete list of available Tlds is given at, butrepparttar 109558 most common ones are .com,. org, .net, .info and .country (i.e. uk, de etc) The Internet authorities have already pre-assigned a domain name for use by individuals -- .name. Here we are going to concentrate on usingrepparttar 109559 .name tld. However, just becauserepparttar 109560 .name tld is specially meant for individuals it doesn't mean that an individual cannot use any ofrepparttar 109561 other Tlds.

Choosing a second level domain name Ok. Top level tld chosen = .name. The next step is to chooserepparttar 109562 second level. The .name tld was previously (pre January 2004) only available as a third level domain. That is, you couldn't register but had to register Since January 2004 you can register either. You may find that some registrars still only allow third level registrations.

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