Lifetime Email Addresses part 2

Written by stephen Cope

As discussed in a previous articlerepparttar best way of having a lifetime email address is to register your own domain name. Here we are going to look in more detail at domain names and how to choose one.

Domain Names

A domain name is in effect an address. It can berepparttar 109550 address of a web site and can alsorepparttar 109551 address of a mailbox. The email address hasrepparttar 109552 general form mailbox@domain2.domain1 mailbox= name of mailbox e.g billg, billc domain2= 2nd level domain IBM, Microsoft, Dell domain1= tld e.g com, mil, gov When it comes to choosing a domain name then you are limited inrepparttar 109553 choice forrepparttar 109554 Top level domain (domain1) as they are pre-assigned byrepparttar 109555 Internet authorities. However you have complete choice overrepparttar 109556 second level (domain2) or third level domains;repparttar 109557 only restriction is that no one else has already chosen it.

Choosing a Domain Name Choosing a TLD

The first step is choosing a tld (top level domain). A complete list of available Tlds is given at, butrepparttar 109558 most common ones are .com,. org, .net, .info and .country (i.e. uk, de etc) The Internet authorities have already pre-assigned a domain name for use by individuals -- .name. Here we are going to concentrate on usingrepparttar 109559 .name tld. However, just becauserepparttar 109560 .name tld is specially meant for individuals it doesn't mean that an individual cannot use any ofrepparttar 109561 other Tlds.

Choosing a second level domain name Ok. Top level tld chosen = .name. The next step is to chooserepparttar 109562 second level. The .name tld was previously (pre January 2004) only available as a third level domain. That is, you couldn't register but had to register Since January 2004 you can register either. You may find that some registrars still only allow third level registrations.

The Cybermagic of Whitelists

Written by Niall Roche

Before we start getting deep intorepparttar meat of this article it's important to explain some standard terminology to make surerepparttar 109549 rest of this article makes sense.

*An IP address is a number which identifies your location onrepparttar 109550 Internet.

*A blacklist is a list of IP addresses which your antispam software uses to block incoming spam.

*A whitelist isrepparttar 109551 exact opposite of a blacklist.

A whitelist is a predefined list of IP addresses that are allowed to send email to and receive email from each other. Blacklists exclude known and suspected spammers. Whitelists can be used to exclude everyone except known IP addresses.

Think of it like this. A whitelist is a like having a phonebook which is owned by a small group of people who only wish to speak directly to each other. They don't want just anybody ringing them. Not only that butrepparttar 109552 entire group need to approve new phone numbers before they appear in this exclusive phonebook.

To send email to a whitelist you must be approved byrepparttar 109553 owner ofrepparttar 109554 whitelist. This is a lot likerepparttar 109555 double optin systems used by legimiate ezines and mailing list owners. Whitelists arerepparttar 109556 nightclub bouncers ofrepparttar 109557 virtual world - if you ain't onrepparttar 109558 list you ain't getting in. Simple but very effective.

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