Life as a fluent person after overcoming my stutter

Written by Stephen Hill

Author: Stephen Hill from The How To Stop Stammering Centre

Life as a fluent person

Achieving fluency was like having a weight lifted from my shoulders, I felt free.

I am now able to order food and drink for example, without fear of stuttering, speak onrepparttar telephone and am able to enjoy socialising. I have become a more positive person, life is no longerrepparttar 145781 struggle it once used to be. I appreciate my speech compared withrepparttar 145782 average fluent person, who do not realise how lucky they are. Some would even say that I talk too much, but this is something I will never apologise for.

Four years ago I met my present girlfriend, Sharron who has an eight-year-old daughter, called Taryn. Together we have a son who is nineteen months old, called Ethan.

What attracted me to Sharron was her positive outlook on life and I am sure we will have a happy and successful future together.

Walk to beat breast cancer

Written by Anonymous

WOMEN with breast cancer who walk at least an hour a week have a better chance of beatingrepparttar disease than those who don't exercise at all, researchers said. "It is well established that exercise plays an important role in preventing many diseases, including breast cancer," said lead researcher Michelle Holmes of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

"However, we found that women who are physically active after breast

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