Life Saving Aspects Of Selfdefense Part 1

Written by Peter Vermeeren

All to often a violent situation is provoked by our own behaviour. By adjusting our behaviour and following some simple rules we can and will avoid violent situations.

When walking onrepparttar street , sitting in a bus or jogging inrepparttar 136624 park , people love music. They want to take their music everywhere so they put on a headphone connected with a walkman. Well thatís fine for us but an aggressor with violent intentions will take advantage ofrepparttar 136625 fact that you are not aware of your surrounding. To distinguishrepparttar 136626 intentions of someone we basically rely on our eyes and ears. But if we fill our ears with music then it will be difficult , if not impossible to sense an approach from behind. Every aggressor knows this. The moment you put your walkman on ,repparttar 136627 possibility of a violent attack of some sort increases by 63% according to recent investigations.


Our posture also plays a special and important role in being a possible victim or not.

People walking around with their heads down and tripping over their own feet have an increased possibility of 32% of being attacked. By walking with your head up and looking without fear

to other people you meet on your way you already eliminaterepparttar 136628 attitude ofrepparttar 136629 prey. Just likerepparttar 136630 lion can see clearlyrepparttar 136631 weaker individual in a herd ,repparttar 136632 same way an aggressor will spot you if you have a prey attitude. Walk tall with your head up displaying self confidence and you will be a lot safer.


By paying attention to your surroundings you can avoid a lot of trouble.

It seems common sense but you would be surprised to know how many people donít pay attention torepparttar 136633 following rules.

Donít go into small alleys if you donít have to .

Donít accept an invitation by a stranger.

Trust your instincts. (it is better to make a mistake then to loose you live).

Donít pass through a group of people.

When you see a group of people occupying your side ofrepparttar 136634 sidewalk , crossrepparttar 136635 street to pass onrepparttar 136636 other side.

When choosing a position to sit down , always cover your back.

Fly fishing trips for the uninitiated

Written by Dale East

If you have never taken a fly fishing trip before and you are planning on heading forrepparttar wilderness, take along a buddy. At worst you'll have someone to compete with duringrepparttar 136568 telling of one that got away stories. At best you'll have someone to help if trouble strikes.

Go prepared for all weathers and conditions. You'll be miserable if you spend several hours in freezing weather dressed only in shorts and t-shirt.

Remember thatrepparttar 136569 more remoterepparttar 136570 stream you are fishing,repparttar 136571 more easily spookedrepparttar 136572 fish will be. Approachrepparttar 136573 water carefully and think for a while before you wade in.

Packing your gear for your fly fishing trip

Try out your gear before you leave on your fly fishing trip. Broken tackle in remote areas is not easy to replace. Carry some extras for emergency repairs.

Avid anglers will often take a small fly tying kit with them so they can whip up a fly to match whatever is hatching onrepparttar 136574 water. Others use scissors or clippers to trim a ready prepared fly into an "almost matchesrepparttar 136575 hatch" one.

Remember to take a current license with you. Murphy's law states thatrepparttar 136576 only time you leave it behind isrepparttar 136577 timerepparttar 136578 ranger will want to see it.

Before you leave, have a look atrepparttar 136579 fishing reports forrepparttar 136580 area you are intending to fish. You'll get good information about what's going on, including river levels, hatches and other details.

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