Lies, Damned Lies… and Statistics: The U.S. Economic Reports

Written by Dene McGriff

Lies, Damned Lies…and Statistics

The U.S. Economic Reports

By Dene McGriff

Mark Twain, who said “there are three kinds of lies – lies, damned lies and statistics”, would turn over in his grave if he knew whatrepparttar government had been doing with its reporting. As a result of government hype and reporting,repparttar 146176 June Consumer Confidence Index soaredrepparttar 146177 month of June 2005 to 105.8 andrepparttar 146178 stock market rose triple digits onrepparttar 146179 news. Optimism abounds asrepparttar 146180 economy appears to be doing well. Housing continues to rise. The government tells us that new jobs are being created, inflation is under control andrepparttar 146181 economy is growing. If you listen carefully torepparttar 146182 pundits on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, FOX andrepparttar 146183 networks, they all say things are getting better and better. Just this morning (June 28, 2005) on NBC Good Morning America, Treasury Secretary Snow declared that allrepparttar 146184 economic indicators are good andrepparttar 146185 basics ofrepparttar 146186 economy are sound. We are told that Real Estate will always go up. So willrepparttar 146187 stock markets (at least forrepparttar 146188 long haul). We Americans are bullish onrepparttar 146189 future.

This isrepparttar 146190 first of a multi-part series titled, “Game Over – Collapse ofrepparttar 146191 World Economic System.” What we are facing is literally a disaster of Biblical proportions. The longerrepparttar 146192 growth cycle goes,repparttar 146193 greaterrepparttar 146194 fall inrepparttar 146195 end. We don't know when this will happen, but it will. There are extremely powerful forces keepingrepparttar 146196 whole system propped up and many prognosticators of gloom and doom have been proven wrong. If you understand what has happened and is happening, you will see whyrepparttar 146197 eventual fall is inevitable.

In order to understand what is happening inrepparttar 146198 world of economics you have to understand things from God’s perspective – from a prophetic Biblical perspective and then you have to dig deep to find out what is REALLY happening inrepparttar 146199 world today. But before we do that, we have to realize that there is a great deception out there – a kind of George Orwell’s 1984 “double speak” being carried out by our government.

The same government that lied about Pearl Harbor,repparttar 146200 Gulf of Tonkin, Kosovo and Iraq has been lying torepparttar 146201 American public aboutrepparttar 146202 economy for years by changing rules and definitions, twisting and turning – spinningrepparttar 146203 news withrepparttar 146204 full support ofrepparttar 146205 pundits who work forrepparttar 146206 corporate controlled news networks. Analysts whose real job is to sell and hype stocks ignorerepparttar 146207 facts and keeprepparttar 146208 smiley face on so that people will continue to buy stocks, refinance their homes, use their credit cards and run deeper and deeper into debt thinking they are attainingrepparttar 146209 American Dream. Let’s face it,repparttar 146210 analysts job is to build uprepparttar 146211 market – not tellrepparttar 146212 truth.

Freedom, Independence. What Does it Mean to You?

Written by Barbara Mascio

I grew up around my grandmother and her sisters and brothers. We didn’t have much inrepparttar way of outside influences or ‘store-bought’ entertainment and so Sunday afternoon story telling was always something I looked forward to.

My elders were quite versed in history and were intelligent enough to question what was recorded as history. They often times weaved quotes from famous people in to their own life’s history as a means to emphasizerepparttar 145960 feel ofrepparttar 145961 day, so-to-speak. I learned so much as a child, just by sitting atrepparttar 145962 feet of a person that had experienced a full life.

I recently asked our readers to submit a short description of what freedom means to you. Every submission to this request came in from a senior. For those of you who look at our elderly as being uninformed or you lose your patience because they move or talk slower than you’d like, I invite you to read what these seniors have submitted and plan to be amazed. Freedom, inrepparttar 145963 eyes ofrepparttar 145964 seniors responding to this question, includesrepparttar 145965 freedom of all persons, not just personal freedom. They express so well that what they wish for themselves, they wish for you and your children.

Submitted by Fran of AZ Freedom for all requires that each person demanding freedoms will also acceptrepparttar 145966 responsibility of attaining that freedom. Please don’t ask an authority (government, church etc.) to take away that responsibility from you. Think. Every time we make a new law to ‘protect’ ourselves, we give this authority over torepparttar 145967 politicians and lawmakers

Submitted by Elizabeth of MI Freedom to me is havingrepparttar 145968 right to choose a doctor that also hasrepparttar 145969 freedom to choose my treatment – without being influenced by insurance and drug companies. Where do we go for that?

Submitted by Gloria Anne from OH Today's conservatives define patriotism as being nothing short of all out, unquestioned loyalty to G. W. Bush, regardless of how improper or unconstitutional his proposals and policies might be. I sense a loss of freedom, I am afraid ofrepparttar 145970 Homeland Security authorities. I was around duringrepparttar 145971 reign of McCarthy and Hoover. Does anyone else remember this?

Submitted by Clarence of ID President Theodore Roosevelt said, "Patriotism means to stand byrepparttar 145972 country. It does not mean to stand byrepparttar 145973 president or any other public official, save exactly torepparttar 145974 degree in which he himself stands byrepparttar 145975 country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently servesrepparttar 145976 country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him torepparttar 145977 exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand byrepparttar 145978 country. In either event, it is unpatriotic not to tellrepparttar 145979 truth, whether aboutrepparttar 145980 president or anyone else." Unpatriotic for a government official to lie? Well, we impeached one president because he lied about his sex life and one because he lied about spying on his competitors. How many times do we accept lies now as ‘matter of fact’,repparttar 145981 course of ‘doing business’? I worry aboutrepparttar 145982 apathy these days, and I understand it. They have us so busy just trying to put food onrepparttar 145983 table few people lift their heads up and realize what is happening all around them.

Submitted by Lydia from MI I now quote Mr. Jefferson: We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, andrepparttar 145984 Pursuit of Happiness…. These truths were self-evident (Among moral, reasonable men they could not be argued against). The emphasis onrepparttar 145985 next phrase is as much onrepparttar 145986 word “created” as it is on “equal”. We each have varying talents, physical characteristics, amounts of wealth, etc. But we all are born “equal” beforerepparttar 145987 Creator. The current modern day concept of economic equality is more akin to Karl Marx than torepparttar 145988 Declaration. Lastly, it is not Happiness, butrepparttar 145989 Pursuit thereof to which we have a right.

Submitted by Mary of PA President Ronald Reagan said, "Government is notrepparttar 145990 solution torepparttar 145991 problem; government isrepparttar 145992 problem."

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