Liberalization of in-domains

Written by Hans-Peter Oswald

Communications and IT Minister Dayanidhi Maran has -as Hindustan Times reports-some advice for Indian patriots: use in-domains for Websites and e-mail IDs to popularise Indian identity inrepparttar world.

With India emerging as a global "labor" for IT, Indian companies should changerepparttar 108273 domain names of their Websites and e-mail IDs to in-domains, just like other countries.

"In every part ofrepparttar 108274 world,repparttar 108275 practice has been to userepparttar 108276 short form ofrepparttar 108277 respective countries atrepparttar 108278 end ofrepparttar 108279 domain names by companies and individuals,"repparttar 108280 minister said during his first speech as IT Minister.

"During my trips abroad, I have always noticed that people have their e-mail IDs withrepparttar 108281 initials of their country inrepparttar 108282 end. For instance, in Britain,repparttar 108283 Websites or e-mail IDs have atrepparttar 108284 end, in Singapore it is, in Japan it is .jp, in Hong Kong it is .hk and even in Pakistan they have But in India, we are still reluctant to use or .in. Why this hesitation?", Dayanidhi Maran has asked in an interview.

Thereforerepparttar 108285 minister has been urging upon Indian captains of industry, heads of organisations and individuals to switch over to use in-domains in order to indicate that their website or e-mail ID originates from India.

ICANN-Registrar: kr-domains for anybody

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

The kr-domains belong torepparttar popular domains in Asia. ICANN accredited Registar Secura announces today, thatrepparttar 108272 company can register now kr-domains for anybody. Secura can register a or at once, ifrepparttar 108273 domain name is available. It is not possible to register directly at .kr.

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