Leverage the Power of Article Marketing

Written by Dina Giolitto

Now that you knowrepparttar secrets to writing great articles, it's time to power uprepparttar 145873 article writing ladder of success. Web articles will definitely will help build your reputation as an expert, but it takes time and patience. Following are some ways to track your progress and getrepparttar 145874 most article bang for your buck.

Work on mass article distribution by genre. In your effort toward building an expert reputation, you should be saturating your niche market with articles. By doing this, you'll get more visibility thanrepparttar 145875 article dabbler who writes one or two articles and then drops out of sight. Write a list of article topics you'd like to cover, and then outlinerepparttar 145876 guts of each article one at a time. This way, you can better mentally prepare forrepparttar 145877 onslaught of articles you plan on releasing to your faithful internet audience of readers.

Hire a ghostwriter to ensure that your articles are targeted and flawless. It's worth paying a little extra for a quality presentation, and by working with a professional writer you'll be able to takerepparttar 145878 strain off yourself so that you can concentrate on other, more critical aspects of your business. Tellrepparttar 145879 writer what your long-term business goals are and how you think articles can leverage your expertise and pull in sales. She'll then go about strategizing your "Guerilla Article Marketing Campaign." Yes, it's incredibly important to strategize!

Submit to multiple article distribution sites. Although my article site of choice is Ezinearticles.com, there are millions of websites out there who are hot for fresh content and who can help you work your way intorepparttar 145880 minds ofrepparttar 145881 world's consumers. Sign up for membership accounts with Goarticles.com, Ideamarketers.com, and Marketing-Seek.com. Do some research into which websites in your specialized field who might also be onrepparttar 145882 lookout for great articles. The more visibility you get,repparttar 145883 more hits to your website. The more loyal fans of your writing,repparttar 145884 more paying customers.

Article Writing Do's and Don'ts

Written by Dina Giolitto

Still following along onrepparttar Copywriter's Crash Course in article marketing? Ahh, I'm so pleased! With any luck, you'll be an article-writing machine by tomorrow. But before you being submitting articles onrepparttar 145872 web as a brand-building strategy, keeprepparttar 145873 following Do's and Don'ts in mind.

Article Writing Do's

1. DO use keywords in your article title and throughrepparttar 145874 supporting paragraphs. What are keywords? Quick answer: they'rerepparttar 145875 most popularly searched terms that folks in your niche market are using in Google and other search engines. You MUST learn more about keywords before beginning your foray intorepparttar 145876 world of article-writing. Find out about keywords here.

2. DO feature information your reader can use. If you never give away any good secrets in your articles, your reader is going to see throughrepparttar 145877 facade, and quickly. A great marketer sharesrepparttar 145878 wealth (of knowledge). This is howrepparttar 145879 internet experts build their credibility! Do you know a thing or two about internet forums? Tell some people about it in your articles. Acquire adoring fans by offering useful information!

3. DO include live links to your website. Everyone onrepparttar 145880 web who picks up content from article distribution sites like Ezinearticles.com adheres to their strict policy of including live URL links and a bio from every article author. This is huge, andrepparttar 145881 sole reason to writerepparttar 145882 article inrepparttar 145883 first place! So, takerepparttar 145884 time to include links to your website (or sales letter page if you have one,) and make them live. If you don't know how to do this, maybe this article can help: Essential HTML Skills for Article Authors-- 7 Tips. But please keep your links to three or less!

4. DO follow a tight article body structure that's easy to read. If you're still keeping up with this article, it's probably because I've made it easy for your eye to follow along. There's nothing worse than having to sift through a long trail of endless information that's all lumped together. Be kind to your reader and break up your article into easily-understood sections.

5. DO include an Author Bio that positions you as a market leader. Your author bio should be dynamic, timeless, and include a call to action. Don't forget that your article is going to be read withinrepparttar 145885 context of someone else's website. If your bio is dull and boring, your reader won't feel compelled to "follow you home." Tell them flat-out what to do. "Visit Wordfeeder.com to find out how expert articles can position you as an expert in your field!"

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