Leverage Your Network to Break into Pharmaceutical Sales

Written by Ryan Stewart

Anyone who has tried to get a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep knows that is can be a bit overwhelming. You have to understandrepparttar strategies of effective networking, like finding pharmaceutical sales representative groups,repparttar 146307 right questions to ask whenever you are inrepparttar 146308 company of those inrepparttar 146309 industry and other ways to break into pharmaceutical sales. A solid networking approach will focus on 4 distinct components: expanding your network of pharmaceutical representatives, searchingrepparttar 146310 e-boards of pharmaceutical job listings, partnering with a recruiter who specializes in pharmaceutical and medical fields and increasing your industry knowledge.

When you become a networking expert, you will understandrepparttar 146311 importance of asking, “Who do you know?” and “Does that person know someone else who should be in my network?” Rememberrepparttar 146312 old adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

One ofrepparttar 146313 best ways to break into pharmaceuticals sales is to speak with a sales representative or district manager inrepparttar 146314 industry. Building these relationships is important for a few reasons. First, it is a great way to get a referral. When an existing pharmaceutical sales rep refers someone to his district manager that can increase your exposure, which is great. Also, your existing pharma industry contacts may be able to give you more contact names, likerepparttar 146315 hiring managers and Human Resource team. Third, your contacts might also haverepparttar 146316 inside track on any plans to increaserepparttar 146317 sales team or potential plans for opportunity withinrepparttar 146318 pharmaceutical industry.

Remember that your main goal of networking withinrepparttar 146319 pharma industry is to learn as much as you can and determine your strengths that make you a solid candidate. If you can, be sure to spend some time with a pharmaceutical sales representative while he conducts his client visits. A day inrepparttar 146320 life of a pharma sales rep isrepparttar 146321 best way to explorerepparttar 146322 industry and can help you make an informed decision on your new career.

Organize Your Job Search

Written by Ryan Stewart

Every successful pharmaceutical sales job search requires two basic elements: time and organization. All other components are secondary. If you are organized , you will find more time to conduct a full-scale job search. The rule of thumb in todays economy is that it takes 1 month of job searching for every $10,000 of target salary before you get an offer. As with all rules, this can vary depending on your location, target industry and other factors; but no matter how long your job search will take, getting organized before you begin will ultimately save you time and energy.

So, what isrepparttar best way to organize your campaign? Initially, you need to take a personal inventory onrepparttar 146306 specifics of your search. To start, you should:

* Identify your skills and experience. What are you looking for in your next position? What issues do you need to consider (commute, travel, childcare, etc). * Locate and begin researching your target market. Are you searching by pharmaceutical companies or within a geographic area? * Prepare your career portfolio materials, such as your résumé, generic or posting-specific cover letter s, professional biography, brag book , etc.

After determiningrepparttar 146307 direction of your job search campaign, you should ensure you have an organized approach to 3 major areas. Follow these initial steps to effectively organize your job search efforts:

* Time - Determine how much time each week you can realistically devote to your search. You will need to build in time to search for, read and apply for advertised positions, but you also need to make sure you allow time to continue your networking efforts, write follow-up correspondence, following up on leads and visiting any employment professionals; like recruiting agencies. Be sure to work within your natural energy patterns if possible. Most people have a preference forrepparttar 146308 time they make telephone calls or search job boards so try to build this into your day. It is also helpful to tackle your least favorite tasks first thing each day to get them out ofrepparttar 146309 way. Try keeping a time log that tracksrepparttar 146310 time you spend on certain activities. This can be an effective tool if you find that you are struggling to stay on task.

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