Letting Go of Control

Written by Suzanne Falter-Barns

Living your joy is more than justrepparttar tasks on your to do list. This article teaches you how to open your heart and make a quantum leap in your impact.

One ofrepparttar 143320 most wonderful aspects of living your dream arerepparttar 143321 unexpected gifts that appear alongrepparttar 143322 way. As many of you know, I have spentrepparttar 143323 winter writing a two-character musical which my partner and I will soon perform in various locations aroundrepparttar 143324 US and Canada. (See below.) what I have gotten from it is something I've known I needed since ... well, forever.

I've learned to open my heart.

Those who've been following my work probably think of me as a pretty open- hearted gal. And I am! Nothing makes me happier than to spread my Joy work and my platform work, send out inspirational messages, and generally buck up creative dreamers. However, there has always been a small chunk of my psyche that couldn't just relax and surrender. Instead, it's been dedicated to trying to manage and control my results and otherwise 'make' something happen.

Why? Because no matter how much I've spoken aboutrepparttar 143325 need to surrender to your process and 'not know', I've had trouble following this advice myself. As a psychic told me long ago, I would have all that I dreamt of ... but only when I opened my heart.

For a long time, I had no idea what 'opening my heart' would feel or even look like. I meditated about it and got nothing. I tried spiritual exercise programs, visualizations, drumming, and even acupuncture. Nothing worked.

And yet a decade later, as I dig intorepparttar 143326 'big dream' -repparttar 143327 one that has always seemed most challenging, most exciting, and most passionate - my heart has opened like a well-oiled door.

What I can feel is a new willingness to simply experiment, to put things out there and see where they go. Not as a test of my self-worth, but simply as an offer that might be accepted or rejected. And here'srepparttar 143328 beauty part: in my open-hearted state,repparttar 143329 result no longer matters. All that does is that I'm listening torepparttar 143330 guidance in my heart and taking each step alongrepparttar 143331 way.

When you're open-hearted you no longer need to understandrepparttar 143332 process; you operate from a gut level of passion and certainty. You know what needs to be done next, and that is truly all that matters. You truly give uprepparttar 143333 need to be successful, and so openrepparttar 143334 way to receive all that is meant to come your way. Beautifully, opening your heart is an act of supreme generosity with big pay-offs for you.

Voices In Your Head

Written by Steve Gillman

Doctor Julian Jaynes wrote about a woman who talked daily to her long-dead grandmother, who she saw sitting in a chair each morning. As far asrepparttar doctor could tell,repparttar 143247 woman never suffered any ill effects from this. In fact, she readily accepted that it was a hallucination, which didn't bother her at all. She just foundrepparttar 143248 conversations, and her grandmother's advice, helpful.

Advice From Ghosts

Hallucinations aren't necessary, but why not have a conversation in your head with somebody helpful? If you want advice on love, talk torepparttar 143249 Dalai Lama. Talk to Andrew Carnegie or Lee Iacocca if you want to make a factory more productive. Albert Einstein might even give you a creative idea or two.

Imagination Needs Form To Function

You have a powerful imagination, but you may not have a powerful way to use it. This is what you get with a conversation in your head; a way to accessrepparttar 143250 creative power of your mind. You'll be surprized how often your imaginary Einstein comes up with an interesting idea, or asks you a question that produces something useful.

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