Letting Go Of Coattails

Written by Elena Fawkner

Letting Go Of Coattails

2002 Elena Fawkner

If you're looking for a way to make money from home and you've been online for any length of time you will have quickly become aware ofrepparttar preponderance of business opportunity sites and ads for many and varied business opportunities.

In particular, you've probably been bowled over by allrepparttar 117479 promises of fabulous internet riches that can be yours, if you only join so-and-so's innovative new groundfloor opportunity that everybody who is anybody wants in on.

This week I received an email from a subscriber asking for my opinion on a particular business opportunity. She was asking what I "really thought" about it because she had been "burned so many times inrepparttar 117480 past I just don't know who to trust". Sound familiar?

I've received several emails like this over recent months from people who have been dudded byrepparttar 117481 charlatans who seem to come out ofrepparttar 117482 woodwork atrepparttar 117483 mere whiff of a victim, er ... prospect. This latest one though got me wondering exactly why it is that so many people seem to be looking to make a profit from promoting or participating in someone else's business opportunity or product rather than creating their own, using their own ingenuity. And this applies not only to scams but to legitimate business opportunities (yes, they DO exist). After all, no matter how legitimaterepparttar 117484 opportunity, at least some of your hard work and effort is going to benefit someone else.

Now, admittedly, promoting someone else's product (such as by way of affiliate programs) is a good way to get started in your online career, but it's not going to make you really serious money. By "serious" I mean sufficient money to represent a worthwhile return onrepparttar 117485 investment of time and effort you must expend to earn significant commission income. By spendingrepparttar 117486 same amount of time and effort promoting your OWN business, your return must necessarily be much greater. After all, you keep 100% ofrepparttar 117487 profits forrepparttar 117488 same work!

Why is it that some people, let alone those who have already been burned, keep looking for someone else to deliverrepparttar 117489 answer to their prayers rather than creating it for themselves? Or worse, give up entirely? I'd be willing to bet that, for a goodly proportion,repparttar 117490 answer is "I don't have any products of my own to sell" or "I don't have any good ideas" or "I don't know where to start".

Now, it may be that you're just dabbling withrepparttar 117491 idea of an online business and, for you, promoting a few affiliate programs while you gradually get more involved is a good place for you to be right now. Many of us started out doing exactly that. But for those of you who are ready to get into this in a serious way, have you thought about doing it for yourself? Why not let go of repparttar 117492 idea there is a perfect opportunity out there with your name on it if only you can find it, and instead devote your time and your energy to creating it using your own brainpower?

I believe, absolutely and without equivocation, that ANYONE can make money with their own business. The key is to make sure that what you choose for your business is something you are passionate about. If you are passionate about what you do, your natural enthusiasm and motivation will lead you to develop ways to exploit that passion in a way that can generate income.

Let's say one of your absolutely favorite things inrepparttar 117493 whole world is gardening. You've always loved to garden, you have ever since you first got your own place and you do it every chance you get. Think about how you might translate that natural interest into a profitable business endeavor.

Are You Building on Sand or Rock?

Written by Holly Cotter

In Matthew 7:26 ofrepparttar bible, Jesus teaches that a foolish man builds his house onrepparttar 117478 sand while a wise man builds his house on a rock. Whenrepparttar 117479 rains and winds come,repparttar 117480 house onrepparttar 117481 sand crumbles, butrepparttar 117482 house onrepparttar 117483 rock perseveres.

The same is true for your business...

When you build your business on a solid foundation, it will standrepparttar 117484 test of time.

So, what makes your foundation solid?

1. Aligning yourself with a solid company that offers unique products and a generous compensation plan.

2. Joining a team of entrepreneurs who have been successful, and who are willing to work with you and teach you exactly how to duplicate what they have done.

3. Your willingness to learn, and to apply what you are taught.

When you first start out in business, a lot of what you do will be based on FAITH:

- FAITH inrepparttar 117485 reputation ofrepparttar 117486 company &repparttar 117487 demand for its products;

- FAITH that it will be relatively easy to earn a profit viarepparttar 117488 compensation plan; and

- FAITH that your upline can truly teach you how to obtain repparttar 117489 success they have themselves attained.

Notice, I didn't say "Faith in yourself."

As nice as it would be, very few people actually start a home business believing THEY can achieve success. Because most people have been beaten down in life so many times, they still "want" success but no longer believe THEY haverepparttar 117490 ability to attain it.

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