Let Your Visitors Know How Often You Update Your Website

Written by Candice Pardue

If you update your website often, you may wish to express to your visitors that your website is up-to-date, and not "deserted".

One way to do this is by placing a small statement which includes a "Last Updated" date that changes each time you update your site.

Your choice - you can placerepparttar "Last Updated" date on each web page of your site, or you may wish to place it onrepparttar 134811 homepage only.

To add this feature to your web page, simply pasterepparttar 134812 simply java code below into your HTML where you wishrepparttar 134813 "Last Updated" date to appear.

But first, you may wish to view a sample of this by followingrepparttar 134814 link below...

5 Most Common Web Design Mistakes

Written by Candice Pardue

As you're designing your new web site, you'll be tempted with web design ideas that could turn into fatal mistakes. This is especially true if your web site represents your business. Below are five ofrepparttar most common mistakes to avoid at all costs...

1. Too Many Graphics

Having too many graphics (particularly large graphics), can cause your site to load entirely too slow. Visitors will get impatient and often times click out of your site -- never to return.

SOLUTION: When possible save your graphics as GIF files (gif.htm) rather than JPEG (jpg.htm). Also, reduce your graphic in actual size as much as you can without distortingrepparttar 134810 graphic or picture.

2. Counters

A visitor counter or hits counter should not be seen on your site unless you have trememdous traffic. The reason for this is visitors really don't want to know which visitor they are, especially if they're visitor number four. There's no benefit to your visitor, nor is there any benefit to you. The only way showing a counter is advantageous is if you've had millions of visitors and wish to displayrepparttar 134811 popularity of your site or would like to attract advertisers withrepparttar 134812 large numbers. Otherwise, you can use this space for a benefit-packed headline that leads your visitor to another part of your site.

SOLUTION: Most web hosts offer web statistics that reveal daily visitors, hits, referrers, etc. This feature will let you know how many people are visiting your site withoutrepparttar 134813 whole world seeingrepparttar 134814 information. If you're just starting out, make sure your web host offers this free service.

3. Banners

Limit your banners torepparttar 134815 bare necessities. Why? Because banners are graphics that can slow loading time and are a turn-off for many surfers onrepparttar 134816 internet. For most, "banner" is just another word for "ad" and they avoid clicking on them.

SOLUTION: If you do have a banner or two, placerepparttar 134817 banner atrepparttar 134818 very top or bottom of your page. Or you could place a small banner in your sidebar. Most people will look atrepparttar 134819 first picture they see and then start reading belowrepparttar 134820 picture, so any writing or links that are aboverepparttar 134821 banner may remain unnoticed. Also,repparttar 134822 banners on your site should be related to your product or service. Remember, everything on your site should work together to benefit your target customer.

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