Let's Get Positive

Written by Anita Foley

It seems that lately Iíve been reading an awful lot of articles in e-zines aboutrepparttar difficulty of doing business online. They talk about allrepparttar 124060 hype, allrepparttar 124061 scams, allrepparttar 124062 lies and false promises. They talk about allrepparttar 124063 worthless web sites, loaded with affiliate links, promising millions and delivering nothing. They talk aboutrepparttar 124064 undeliverable and returned e-mail,repparttar 124065 fake addresses,repparttar 124066 junk mail andrepparttar 124067 spam. They talk about server problems, software problems, hardware problems, too many ads, too many viruses, not enough content, lost messages, lost lists, lost customers, and lost dreams!

SHEESH! All this negative stuff really makes ME want to do business online! How about you?

Iíd like to take a moment here and tell you about some ofrepparttar 124068 POSITIVE stuff that has happened in my life since I started doing business online.

First of all, Iíve learned, for FREE, more about marketing, promotion, and ad writing than I could have learned for $80,000 at an Ivy League school. Iíve learned more about human nature than I could have learned if Iíd become a psychiatrist. Iíve encountered bothrepparttar 124069 folks who create elaborate schemes to rip people off andrepparttar 124070 ones who do an honest business online. It has been a valuable learning experience in both instances.

Iíve learned that you donít have to create something new or re-inventrepparttar 124071 wheel to make money online. You can join an affiliate program to get started with your first business. Iíve learned that wealth can happen, and that it CAN happen to me!

Iíve learned that my college economics professor was wrong when he said, ďthereís no such thing as a free lunch.Ē You really CAN advertise online for free, and there is NO catch!

Iíve also made more friends and business acquaintances onrepparttar 124072 Internet than Iíve made in my 30 years of working in corporate jobs. Itís amazing how many friendly, helpful people there are out there. Iíve been able to help people out as well, which has been extremely satisfying.


Written by Mary Wilkey


How many a man has thrown up his hands at a time when a little more effort, a little more patience, would have achieved success? ~ Elbert Hubbard

Were there some way to accurately tabulaterepparttar statistics onrepparttar 124059 answer to this question, I think it would be a mind boggling figure.

The reason I have come to that conclusion is plain and simple. Human beings in general have very little patience.

The Bible says, "In your patience possess ye your souls." To me, that reads and means that if I don't develop and cultivate patience, it could cost me my soul. That being repparttar 124060 case, it would behoove every one of us to try to improve our patience barometer.

When things don't happen immediately, people are too willing to give up. They fail to persevere and develop stick-ability.

Most people when they have problems do not look at them as being trials, but insurmountable obstacles, instead ofrepparttar 124061 stepping stones they are. Problems are given to us to get below repparttar 124062 surface of our being intorepparttar 124063 creative Mind of God, because that's where allrepparttar 124064 answers lie.

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