Let’s Google And Yahoo Our Kids’ Education

Written by Joel Turtel

I love Google and Yahoo. With Google and Yahoo I can searchrepparttar Internet on any subject that interests me, at any time day or night, inrepparttar 147691 comfort of my home. I was thinking how much fun it is to learn new things with Google or Yahoo, compared torepparttar 147692 boredom or learning torture that public schools put millions of kids through every day.

Let’s considerrepparttar 147693 differences in how a typical child (we’ll call her Jenny) learns when she uses Google or Yahoo, compared to how she learns in her public-school classroom.

First, with Google or Yahoo, Jenny can explore any subject that fascinates her. She literally hasrepparttar 147694 whole world at her fingertips. She can learn about tulips, cooking, dinosaurs, fashion, arithmetic, model airplanes, how to playrepparttar 147695 piano, or story books by thousands of authors.

When she is older, she can search dozens of Internet libraries, includingrepparttar 147696 Library of Congress, for information on any subject underrepparttar 147697 sun.

In contrast, in her public-school classroom, Jenny must study onlyrepparttar 147698 subjectsrepparttar 147699 teacher or school principal says she must study, even though these subjects might bore her to death.

Second, with Google or Yahoo at home, Jenny can spend as many hours as she wants studying any subject that fascinates her. If she likes flowers, she can spend all day learning about different flowers, how they grow,repparttar 147700 best season to plant them, how sunlight helps them, or how much water each flower needs.

In contrast, in public school, Jenny usually spends about 50 minutes on each subjectrepparttar 147701 school forces her to study. She has to go to a different class on a different subject every 50 minutes, even if she was interested inrepparttar 147702 subject she was studying in her previous class. This can strangle her interest in any one subject. For Jenny, public school turns learning into broken, disconnected bits of knowledge on subjects that often bore her.

Essential Baby Clothes And Accessories

Written by Catherine Olivia

Leaverepparttar cute outfits torepparttar 147690 shower guests – these arerepparttar 147691 things you need.

Having a baby is a time of combined joy and stress for most people. Nothing compares torepparttar 147692 joy that a mother feels when she’s holding her new baby for those first few days after bringingrepparttar 147693 little tyke home or that ofrepparttar 147694 proud father showing off pictures ofrepparttar 147695 infant to his friends and family. Unfortunately there is also nothing quite likerepparttar 147696 stress in worrying that everything is going to be all right and thatrepparttar 147697 family is properly prepared for their joyous new addition.

New parents often fall intorepparttar 147698 trap of being unprepared when it comes to suitable clothing for their baby. Inrepparttar 147699 months and weeks prior torepparttar 147700 mother’s due daterepparttar 147701 couple will be preparing for baby’s arrival by setting uprepparttar 147702 baby’s room, buying necessary items like a crib, playpen, changing table, walker, and, of course baby clothes. The problem introduces itself whenrepparttar 147703 parents (and this usually comes from Mom’s side) focus too much on purchasingrepparttar 147704 “cutsie” baby outfits and ignoringrepparttar 147705 basic essentials that babies will need.

Cotton bodysuits, absorbent baby blankets, bibs, and baby booties are items that a new parent can never have enough of. Babies are messy simply by their nature. For allrepparttar 147706 cuteness and adorability that they possess they are essentially little drooling, slobbering, spewing, waste producing machines for aboutrepparttar 147707 first year or so of their lives. As such, their clothes get messy quickly and often. So often that a parent may find herself changing her baby’s clothing almost as often as she changes baby’s diaper – sometimes more.

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