Less of a bigger penis?

Written by Serj Sagan

In light ofrepparttar somewhat recent news of Enzyte maker’s Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals having a lawsuit filed against them, I felt compelled to write this article. Yep, Smiling Bob isn’t smiling as much these days.


In case you missed this info, here is what happened. Based on over 1,000 customer complaints, six US states filed suit against Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals and owner Steve Warshak.


The allegations include:

  • Deceived customers aboutrepparttar 146468 efficacy of its nutritional supplements, which are not regulated byrepparttar 146469 U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • Failed to inform customers atrepparttar 146470 outset of a 30-day free-trial period that they would be enrolled in a program involving continuing monthly shipment of product and billing of customers’ credit cards.
  • Falsely claimed to offer refunds whenrepparttar 146471 terms were “so arduous and impractical that customers were not capable” of receiving them.
  • Operated a telemarketing operation without registering withrepparttar 146472 state as required by law.

Taking that one step further,repparttar 146473 Feds confirmed that they've frozen 23-and-a-half million dollars in Warshak's personal accounts.


To put it simply you purchaserepparttar 146474 product or just sign up forrepparttar 146475 1-month trial. What happens afterwards is you automatically get billed once a month. It is very difficult to opt-out ofrepparttar 146476 automatic billing and almost impossible to get any refund on your money.


What concerns me is that Enzyte has been online since October of 2001. Their unethical billing practices have not changed since then and yet it took over 1000 complaints and over 32 million consumer dollars beforerepparttar 146477 US government took action against them. There could, and should be alternative means of stopping unethical business practices, before such repercussions are suffered.


Now with a company this size being more or less uprooted, does that mean less penis enlargement or male enhancement SPAM in our mailboxes? Probably not. For every one male enhancement company that goes down there are 10 that are popping up. And they are all trying to get a piece ofrepparttar 146478 pie.


When you think about something like this happening, it is almost an automatic response to think that becauserepparttar 146479 government got involved that means thatrepparttar 146480 product is horrible. I would beg to disagree. First of all as stated earlierrepparttar 146481 allegations all point toward unethical business practices, it does mention thatrepparttar 146482 customers were deceived ofrepparttar 146483 efficacy ofrepparttar 146484 product; however that does not imply thatrepparttar 146485 product did not work.

TraditionaL ayurvedic medicine for type two diabetes (salacia oblonga)

Written by GOLDIE

Salacia oblonga Indian herb also known as Ponkoranti. It has been used by Indian natives since ancient times to effectively manage Diabetes. This is a effective cure for type 2 diabetes. Reduction in blood sugar levels can be observed within 5 days of usage. It is also a strong weight gain inhibitor and effectively controls weight gain commonly associated with type 2 diabetic patients.

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