Lemon Tetra

Written by Linda Paquette

Glassily transparent,repparttar lemon tetra (hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis) could appear to be just a sunbeam flashing through your community tank if not for background elements like plants and driftwood. Another member ofrepparttar 125821 large characin clan,repparttar 125822 lemon tetra has a fairly elongated body like its smaller relativerepparttar 125823 neon tetra and like neons and other characins,repparttar 125824 lemon tetra does best if kept in small schools of six to eight fish.

One ofrepparttar 125825 most distinguishing features ofrepparttar 125826 lemon tetra is their large eyes. The upper part ofrepparttar 125827 lemon tetra’s eye is brilliant red, which is a sharp contrast torepparttar 125828 yellow pastels it displays in its body colors. Actually, though,repparttar 125829 lemon tetra is quite colorful on close inspection. Body coloring is a delicate pale yellow, flanks are silver, andrepparttar 125830 leading edge ofrepparttar 125831 anal fin is shiny-bright-yellow and sharply divided fromrepparttar 125832 other rays, which are black. Inrepparttar 125833 male,repparttar 125834 rest ofrepparttar 125835 anal fin is broad and fringed in black, a characteristic that is missing inrepparttar 125836 plumper female. As many male characins do,repparttar 125837 male lemon tetras also have tiny hooks on their anal fins. Both males and females haverepparttar 125838 tetras’ characteristic adipose fin, which is also pale yellow in color.

Iron deficiency in dogs and cats

Written by Nick Carmichael

We have recently seen a number of cases of iron deficiency anaemia, both in cats and dogs. In iron deficiency, red cells do not developrepparttar normal complement of iron–containing haemoglobin andrepparttar 125820 cells that form inrepparttar 125821 bone marrow are small (microcytic, low MCV) and hypochromic (low MCH and MCHC). The process of red cell maturation becomes prolonged so young red cells no longer contain large amounts of RNA and therefore do not appear polychromatic. As a resultrepparttar 125822 anaemia is non- regenerative, with inappropropriately low reticulocyte counts. There is often a marked increase in variation in red cell shape (poikilocytosis) and red cell fragments (schistocytes) are often seen, as above. In cats,repparttar 125823 red cells are often so small that platelets appear larger than red cells and this overlap in sizing can contribute to apparently very high platelet counts as some automated counters include some small red cells inrepparttar 125824 platelet count. Iron deficiency anaemia reflects chronic external blood loss, either throughrepparttar 125825 gut associated with bleeding tumours or ulcers or occasionally with severe flea burdens and parasitic blood loss.

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