Legislators, not sober drivers, are ones with impaired judgment

Written by Sheri Conover Sharlow, Libertarian Writers' Bureau

Open-container bill wouldn’t make roads safer, but it would make life more difficult for drivers


It’s a good thing thatrepparttar current open-container bill wasn’t law when I was a newspaper reporter. One of our photographers could have unwittingly brokenrepparttar 125871 law as we covered a story.

We joined two hilarious volunteers, a lawyer and a funeral-home director, forrepparttar 125872 city-wide cleanup. Their mission: To become real garbagemen. They debated what to do with goopy trash bags they dubbed radioactive (“Real garbagemen aren’t afraid of nuclear waste.”) They poked fun at other volunteers (“Real garbagemen don’t have clean gloves.”)

Soon, their truck was heaping with trash. Then they saw another bag.

“Real garbagemen don’t drive past garbage,”repparttar 125873 passenger toldrepparttar 125874 driver.

The passenger jumped out ofrepparttar 125875 truck and grabbedrepparttar 125876 bag. He couldn’t wedge it intorepparttar 125877 truck bed, so he openedrepparttar 125878 car door ofrepparttar 125879 photographer who was following them. He tossedrepparttar 125880 bag on her front-seat floor.

Underrepparttar 125881 open-container bill – House Bill 1057 – if there was just one empty beer can or bourbon bottle inside that bag, she could be ticketed.

It doesn’t matter that she was sober. It doesn’t matter that someone else putrepparttar 125882 bag there without her consent. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t knowrepparttar 125883 bag’s contents. It doesn’t matter that she was hauling away litter. It doesn’t matter that her employer would have been tougher than any officer if she had been drinking while she was working.

All that matters under this bill is if there’s an open alcohol container inrepparttar 125884 passenger compartment.

Once again, our legislature is leading us intorepparttar 125885 Land of Unintended Consequences because it lacksrepparttar 125886 sense andrepparttar 125887 guts to dorepparttar 125888 right thing, which is nothing.

Too bad. They had been holding firmly against this legislation long sought byrepparttar 125889 federal government.

The federal government has extorted Hoosiers torepparttar 125890 tune of $20 million a year of highway taxes that our drivers have paid, just because it doesn’t like Indiana’s highway law. Never mind that pesky 10th Amendment, which says that powers not specifically designated byrepparttar 125891 U.S. Constitution belong torepparttar 125892 states.

The Indiana General Assembly should have learned from its recent tour torepparttar 125893 Land of Unintended Consequences. A law that was passed in 2001 and went into effect this January required all food-serving establishments to employ licensed food handlers.

All Americans Labeled Equally Homosexual by Government

Written by Stan Sapsick

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All Americans Labeled Equally Homosexual by Government Agency

In a misstep that has embroiled them in controversyrepparttar 125870 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), a branch of Health and Human Services, has labeled all Americans gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered in their eyes. Though likely a mistake exposing their own ignorance ofrepparttar 125871 English language, it is one that they have taken no steps to rectify.

The mistake came about when SAMHSA informedrepparttar 125872 facilitators of a conference on youth suicide to be held in Portland Oregon February 28 - March 2, that a workshop title withrepparttar 125873 words gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender would have to be changed to eliminate all 4 words.

Originally attempting to influencerepparttar 125874 workshop presenters by asserting thatrepparttar 125875 head of SAMHSA, Charles Curie, would be unable to attendrepparttar 125876 conference if the, apparently offensive, words were not dropped fromrepparttar 125877 title. After apparently receiving a lot of pressure, including some offensive hate mail, SAMHSA attempted to assuagerepparttar 125878 situation by stating that Charles Curie had never intended to not attendrepparttar 125879 conference.

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