Legal Protection for Same Sex Couples

Written by Johnette Duff

Has anyone considered a compromise solution torepparttar issue of legalization of same-sex marriages? As an attorney who has spent years conducting research onrepparttar 132525 advantages and disadvantages of marriage vs. living together, my viewpoint is a legal one, unobscured by religious or moral questions. Legal recognition of a status for these couples is called for, as is their current need for self-help in makingrepparttar 132526 laws work for them while they are still in flux. Traditionally and legally, marriage has been defined as a union of a man and woman. Changing that definition is atrepparttar 132527 heart ofrepparttar 132528 problem. Marriage, throughout history, has had more to do with procreation than romantic love or legal convenience. This legal definition andrepparttar 132529 issue of procreation have both been used to bolsterrepparttar 132530 denial ofrepparttar 132531 right of same-sex marriage. What same-sex couples need, and should have, isrepparttar 132532 ability to form a legal relationship. The semantics used to describe this relationship should not matter as much asrepparttar 132533 rights and duties arising from it. Denial of these rights isrepparttar 132534 discrimination same-sex couples decry. We should not forget that only duringrepparttar 132535 last generation wasrepparttar 132536 denial ofrepparttar 132537 right of marriage to members of different races overturned. The law is meant to serverepparttar 132538 needs ofrepparttar 132539 members of society - including same-sex couples. My compromise solution is a law which allows same-sex couplesrepparttar 132540 right to a legal relationship withoutrepparttar 132541 hot-button title of “marriage.” With a simple change of terms, these couples could become legal “domestic partners” which conferrepparttar 132542 same rights and duties of their state’s marriage contract. Similar licensing statutes could be enacted, along withrepparttar 132543 inevitable relationship dissolution laws.

Congratulations--You're Human!

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

Are you feeling depressed? Do you feel disconnected from others? Have you been feeling confused aboutrepparttar meaning of your life?


In our culture, we have taught ourselves that feeling any kind of despair is a sign of weakness. We do all that we can to keep ourselves so busy we won't notice how we really feel.

It's sad that our ideas of what is healthy are too often shaped by advertising from drug companies. The fact is thatrepparttar 132523 VAST majority of those who feelrepparttar 132524 above "symptoms" are absolutely normal.

Our feelings of depression, disconnection and despair (so many D-words...) are simply signs that we need to reevaluaterepparttar 132525 way we are living. Something is out of balance, and we feel it deep down.

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