Legal Considerations for Your Home Freelance Biz

Written by Rachel Goldstein

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So you are ready to set up your freelance business in your home? There are a few legal regulations that you should keep in mind.


There are millions of businesses being run from a home office in violation of local zoning regulations. You might want to check with your local county office or zoning department to find out whatrepparttar zoning laws are in your area. Only then will you know for sure if it is legal to run your business from your home. If your business is going to be run in a residentially zone area, you will need to follow strict guidelines. Some of these guidelines might be whererepparttar 117418 home business is allowed, type of business, andrepparttar 117419 amount of space. These guidelines may not inhibitrepparttar 117420 running of your business at all, but you should find out what these regulations are. And, if you are renting an apartment, check your lease to make sure that you are allowed to run a business from it.


Are you planning to buy goods for resale or purchasing materials used in creating a product? Then you require a sales tax number. You will be collecting tax fromrepparttar 117421 buyer and then sending it torepparttar 117422 government tax office. An example of this is an artist selling his art. Contact your state or provincial tax office for more details.

How To Increase Home Office Productivity

Written by Rachel Goldstein

Article submitted by - 1000s of freelance jobs, articles, and resources.

Working at home is not always as easy as people with "normal" jobs might think. There are hundreds of distractions home workers must struggle against. Whether it's your screaming kids and telemarketers or justrepparttar constant hunger pains from knowingrepparttar 117417 refrigerator is just behind you. Onlyrepparttar 117418 most diligent worker will get any work done at all.

So what do freelancers do to stay productive in their home office? They either lock themselves in their rooms chained to a desk or follow a few guidelines.

**Home Office Design - Home office design should never be overlooked. If you decide to just simply place your computer onrepparttar 117419 kitchen counter, expect to raidrepparttar 117420 refrigerator every 15 minutes, wash dishes, moprepparttar 117421 floor, and wipe counters. You need to understand that a home and a home office serve different purposes. When you design your home office, try to keep them as distinct as possible.

**Dress Forrepparttar 117422 Occasion - You have seen this cause and effect before in school children. Dress a child up nice and their behavior changes forrepparttar 117423 better. If you wear sweatpants and a ripped t-shirt you will feel like just lounging around. Try dressing up in work clothing. Dressing in work clothes creates a professional atmosphere. Plus, would you vegitate onrepparttar 117424 couch in a dress?

**Create Schedules - Work from home changesrepparttar 117425 set 9 to 5 schedule. When you work at home you could easily find yourself working till 2 AM every morning. Your schedule might evolve around family commitments, for example, if your child is young and needs a lot of attention, you might find yourself working around naps. Set milestones for yourself to reach on a daily basis. Establishing your priorities and goals are your responsibility. Setting a schedule for yourself with established goals will providerepparttar 117426 framework for a more productive office.

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