Leave Your Needs at the Door

Written by Rinatta Paries

A good relationship enriches and enhances your life. Whether you can attract and create an enriching relationship partly depends on what you think a relationship will do for you.

There are two approaches to creating relationships. Some people want a relationship in order get their needs met. These individuals tend to have a long list of needs they are not meeting anywhere else, and want met when they connect with a partner.

Unfortunately, approaching a relationship to get your needs met tends to attract partners who require you to give up or alter some part of you.

In such a relationship, you may be told you are loved only when you are on your "best" behavior. You may be required to take care of your partner either financially or emotionally in exchange forrepparttar continuation ofrepparttar 101870 relationship. You may be asked to put up with unacceptable behavior in order to continue to get your needs met.

People who haverepparttar 101871 good fortune of creating good relationships enter into relationships with their needs already met, forrepparttar 101872 sole purpose of enrichment.

In such a relationship, you are free to be yourself. Because you are being yourself, you grow and expand in ways that are good for you. Even in compromise, you learn skills that bring about growth. While being fully yourself, you are more likely to communicate fully and do not have to monitor or control your behavior. Your best attributes are brought out and highlighted. If your partner exhibits unacceptable behavior, you are in a position to ask him or her to instead berepparttar 101873 best he or she can be.

Are You Two-Faced?

Written by Kathy Thompson

When you look at a face, first draw an imaginary vertical line downrepparttar center ofrepparttar 101869 face fromrepparttar 101870 forehead torepparttar 101871 chin. Noticerepparttar 101872 difference inrepparttar 101873 two sides ofrepparttar 101874 face. Are you two-faced? Yes, you are, everyone is, literally. The left side ofrepparttar 101875 brain controlsrepparttar 101876 right side ofrepparttar 101877 face/body. Sorepparttar 101878 right side ofrepparttar 101879 face will show your logical, intellect, thinking, your computer, your public, professional side. The right side ofrepparttar 101880 brain controlsrepparttar 101881 left side ofrepparttar 101882 face/body. Sorepparttar 101883 left side of your face displays your emotions, imagination, dreams, intuition, your personal side. This isrepparttar 101884 side you keep to yourself. The asymmetric face shows that a person can have one personality style in their personal life (left side), and a different style in their professional life right side).

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