Leather Jewelry - a touch of Forbidden (and Friendship)

Written by Slava Diamy

Most people will agree that leather jewelry is great. Whether itís a wristband or an ankle bracelet Ė it has a touch of style. Even though itís often a small detail Ė itís always very noticeable on anyone who wears it. Short skirts, shorts, bikini, anything fits to be worn with leather jewelry.

Fashion trend to wear leather started long time ago with first rockers on tv-screens. Yet those days it was pretty prohibited kind of decoration, because it was associated with rebelling against rules. Today, every kind of jewelry is ok Ė leather becomes less extravagant and more of ďokay-typeĒ jewelry. Still it has a little of being forbidden feel. Even now people are very attracted to these kind of decoration. Sincerepparttar beginning of ages, people tend to love forbidden fruit.

Typically leather jewelry bracelet is a collection of string-shaped parts, tied together with some kind jewels on it (but usually not too much, as leather itself is really amazing). Sometimes itís thick, sometimes itís thin, but itís always nice and attractive on any women or men to wear it. Yes, leather bracelets are unisex, both men and women can wear this.

Leather necklace is other type of leather jewelry. It can be easily done by yourself. Itís just a leather-string with decorations on it. It can be simple rocks or costly precious rock beads; it all depends on what youíre trying to show.

Are you going to look as a vamp-type or gothic women? Wear leather with shiny metal! Trying to seem friendly? Leather string with any kind of polished rocks will fit you!

Donít forget about friendly leather bracelets that can be handmade. Just tie a few leather strings of similar colors to each other Ė here is your simple but warm gift to a friend.

Beauty Comes From Within

Written by David Stanton

Since real beauty comes from within, it's important that your beauty products bring out your best natural qualities. Natural beauty product reviews can help you choose which products are best suited to your own individual needs.

One popular type of natural beauty product is stretch mark removal cream. Since stretch marks are pretty common--their causes range from pregnancy to body building--a lot of people can be helped by a natural, effective treatment for them. While reading natural beauty product reviews, I noticed thatrepparttar best stretch mark remedies contain high amounts of Emu Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Collagen, Elastin and Vitamin E. When these key ingredients are combined in a highly concentrated cream, they can not only help reduce stretch marks you already have, but actually help prevent new ones from forming!

One ofrepparttar 150682 most helpful things about natural beauty product reviews is that they tell you aboutrepparttar 150683 ingredients in

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